The new strategy adopted by Prime Minister of India. This is a ball thrown first time by any of Prime Minister of India has recognized by world. I think this is new era and mode of cold war. This emphasized a new technique to engage the Kashmir issue towards a better horizon. The long-term impacts will be seen by us to resolve the Kashmir issue. This will not impact the Pakistan foreign policies but also create new dimensions towards anti-terrorism. The world will look Indian pain in positive manner. Overall this is a good move of transition of strategy. Pakistan is always hiding itself behind the issue of Kashmir human rights. If this happens in Kashmir with so called Muslim community than what is happening with Baluchis? They cried from last few decades for violence of their rights. None of the government has the rights to demolish and framed the constitution according to its facilitations. It is the era of change and demands to ergs our own rights.

Anil Amita