Layout is the plan or structure or arrangement, overall structure, blue print of advertising copy. It arranges headlines, sub-headlines, slogans, illustrations, identification marks, text body etc., during a systematic manner. engaging layout will facilitate the advertising to come back out from media muddle (increased variety of ads in media) and gain attention of readers/ viewers.

According to Sandage and Fryburger, advertising layout is outlined as “The arrange of an ad, particles, the arrangement of assorted components and relative spatial importance of every is cited as layout”

Simple Definition
Layout is that the logical arrangement of elements of an ad within the copy. It refers to the structure, the position assigned to the varied parts of the advertising copy and illustrations. it’s preferring the location of headlines, copy, illustrations, marketer’s name, brand and also the quantity of free house in an ad copy. Thus, the physical arrangement of all the weather of advertising is named layout. it’s involved with inserting all the weather of the advertising a lot of beautifully at intervals the assigned house and time. The pattern of advertising layout varies in keeping with the medium to be used.

Preparation of an ad Layout
An advertisement layout could be a arrange for the steering of the printer in transcription the units of an ad. sometimes the layout man or visualizer prepares a rough layout that is submitted to the consumer for approval and he attracts the finished layout for the steering of the printer. within the creation of tv commercials, the layout is thought as a ‘Storyboard’ that a series of images is of frames that coincides with the audio or sound script. A Radio doesn’t utilize illustrations, except those who the medium will produce with an outline. Television, in fact makes an intensive use of illustrations. A well-conceived advertising layout will be instrumental in getting attention comprehension, perspective modification and behavior modification. Advertisers use varied layout techniques to realize their objectives.

Functions of Advertising Layout :
• Assembling different parts
• Opportunity of Modification
• Specification for costs
• Brings together copy writer and Art Director
• Guide to the copy specialists

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