Hey there, I hope you’re doing good. Basically, we all are aware of Media. But, it is not that easy to understand the chain of media & how media works. Do you know about the role of media in India?

In this blog, we’ll cover the role of media in India along with its objectives. Lastly, you’re gonna read about the principles that media follow. So, keep reading till the end.

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The Role of Media in India

Media, the name suggests that of communication that reaches and influences folks wide, incorporates a vital place within the diplomacy machinery within the age of knowledge revolution. It is the supply of knowledge for a society relating to any issue it native, regional international, folks believe even trust on what bestowed their media.

The media has become a vital tool of diplomacy within the epoch. It is the ‘fourth estate’ that helps the state in addition to its interests and objectives goal.

Therefore, media act associate degree powerful instrumental tool regards building confidence and promoting mistrust among folks on problems connected to national security.

It has endued with the electronic media 3 major attributes –

  • Instantaneity: Instantaneity has provided a seating area read in real-time,
  • naturalness: Spontaneity has allowed its events they unfold
  • neighborhood: Locality has provided it the facility to bring the farthest corner of the world into a social unit.

It has additionally increased the reach, therefore, the hold of the electronic media over the viewers’ minds. It has, however, additionally given rise to a multiplicity of players in the field, eventful considerations of answerability, and responsibility public.

Objectives of Media

  • It is thus necessary to make sure that the media is prompt, accountable, sensitive, correct objective in its presentation of stories. within the context of maintenance of public order, the role of the media might go a means in preventing rumor-mongering incorrect or mischievous a section of the media that might auxiliary partisan components.
  • The central issue is however an efficient interface with the media. Given the technological surroundings during which the media functions these days, the actual fact that their monopoly over sources of knowledge the would like associate degree hep public, management measures area unit neither possible nor fascinating.
  • It is obligatory for the administration incessantly offer the media immediate, correct reliable info in order that, the general public left gaps in their info which could stuff sensational biased news reportage. needs capability building at varying levels of the executive machinery thus offering a clear responsive administration.
  • make sure that officialdom moves the media in a very skilled, media management modules ought to integrate into varied coaching programmes. Media persons additionally associated such coaching modules. stress on native media would clearly be helpful.
  • In stratified structures inside the govt., interaction with the media is usually regulated to avoid confusion and contradictions. Likewise, it overcomes such hindrances, officers ought to select at acceptable levels move the media their accessibility ought to ensure.

the role of media

Principles followed by Media:

  • Making certain the target presentation of stories with an honest unbiased comment, promote the advancement of education culture.
  • Raising maintain high standards of decency and correctitude all told programs.
  • Providing programmes for the young that, variety, can infuse the principles of citizenship.
  • Promoting communal harmony, spiritual tolerance international understanding.
  • Treating debatable public problems in associate degree impartial and fair.
  • Respecting human rights and dignity.

Way Ahead –

Ideally, the media ought to impartial the information mechanisms. It ought to offer a balanced account for the folks. Media education keeps the general public’s help concerning the national-international political human realities happening in existence. the aim of the media highlights the difficulty in the social press the govt. public devise appropriate mechanisms to eliminate those troubles.

However, the potential of media as a force number a weapon of war should be realized. Whereas, failure acknowledges the counter enemy’s usage of media could lead to new military national failures. It should realize that these days selections area unit longer supported events however on however the events area unit bestowed

Blog By:- Ms. Sonia Sharma

Deparment of Visual Arts

Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur

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