For the last few years, I have been gradually more interested in the area of Open Education Resources. Why this attract me is because I believe that education is one of the most significant inputs for India’s expansion. The typical Indian classroom was once characterized by students sitting through hour-long. Student at least must be given the opportunity to see how the world is working with technology.
Design/Method /Approach: In this Paper authors discussed about that students should be given the chance to inspect the internal workings of software. They should be given the opportunity to extend the functions of their tools and technology, where they see or imagine possibilities. In this era of Free Open Source Software each school should change their teaching with the help of FOSS. Now, technology is making life easier for both students and educators. Developed schools are gradually more adopting digital teaching solutions to employ with a generation of pupils well-versed with the likes of PlayStations and iPads, and trying to make the classroom environment more complete and participatory but many are still an aware. This problem demands a module which can be implemented class by class from pre-primary to higher education in a form of a pre-defined module.
Findings : The authors propose to design a Module class wise or age wise for students/children to promote computer education through FOSS.

Author: 1. Ajay Sharma1, 2. Ekta Sharma