1,2,1….1,2,1… this what I heard every early morning when I go for a walk on my terrace at home as I live nearby a police academy area. This morning it reminds me accidently how I used to go in the P.T. classes being a chubby student. It was very tough for me at that time because of heavy weight of my body around the period of puberty. I consider my school life as the best part of my life. Although I did not get the opportunity to go in a very prosperous school but the days, I have spent in that period of my life were the best. I know everyone say the same thing. But I consider myself lucky enough to have such a wonderful school memories because there was no such corona (hahaha). Just a few days ago when the Rajasthan Govt. announced to reopen the school for the senior schools after such a long – long time, I can imagine how great it would be for the students to re-live their golden days once again. Once again make your routine according to school time table, every early morning pack your packs, asking to your mother for breakfast, lunch books, water bottle, and here and there looking for every single thing not to left behind which could be useful in the school. And bring our two new friends with us all the time. Let me introduce them, SENITIZER and MASK. Welcome to the school for the very first time, I hope you both are fine and doing great. Although I am not very grateful to both of you but still you both are going to protect me from others so I wholeheartedly welcome you in my life and to others also.

Blog By:-
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani Group of Colleges