Mass media refers to media technology which is intended to communicate and reached a mass audience. The key function of a mass media is to communicate various messages through a television, radio, movies, advertising, magazines, internet and newspapers.

  • The most common types of Mass Communication: –
    • Journalism
    • Social Media
    • Television
    • Films
    • Advertising
    • Radio
    • Photography
    • Magazines
    • Public Relations
    • Books, Newspapers and Journals
    • Audio Media such as Community Radio, Podcasts, Vlog
    • Interactive Media such as websites, digital ads, Blog

  • Characteristics of Mass Media

Mass Media comprises a wide range of media technologies and broadcast or reach over a larger audience through a mass communication.

    • Mass Media constitutes both institutional methods and technical communication, production and dissemination of news.
    • It reach larger audiences or masses that’s why is referred to as mass media.
    • Mass Media has the power to influence the society.
    • mass media also impacted by what’s happening in society itself.
    • Audience are offered with a wide variety to choices of content, media platform and choose from the type of mass media they want to consume.
  • Types of Mass Media
    • Traditional Media
    • Electronic/Broadcasting Media
    • Print Media
    • Digital Media/Internet
    • Outdoor Media
  1. Traditional Media

People have different ways of communication. they are depending on their local language and culture. Traditional media is the oldest types of mass media. traditional media is transfer traditions and culture of new generation. we can include in traditional media folk songs, dances, sculptures, nagada, stupas, paintings, statues and fairs, festivals, rural or community radio.

  1. Print Media

Print Media is all about the printed form of news and information. Before the invention of the printing press, printed materials had to be hand-written and it was difficult to distribution. print media is one of the most basic and oldest types of mass media. In print media People depend on newspaper for news and information and latest update.

  1. Electronic Broadcasting Media

Broadcasting is distribution of audio and video content to audience using the electronic broadcasting medium. Broadcast media allows news dissemination to even an illiterate person because it is appeal to both the visual and auditory senses making. it is one of the most effective type of mass media.

  1. Outdoor Media

It is also known as OOH or Out-of-Home Media. outdoor media focussed on transmitting information and news when the public is outside their home.

it gives importance to display advertising. outdoor media one of the most types of mass media used for commercial and public welfare advertising. there are mainly includes billboards, posters, banners, brochure distribution, Advertising, electric polls, buildings, streets, roadside etc.

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