Mass means, a group of people and communication means, a process by which we can share our ideas, Our thoughts, our views and our knowledge so, mass communication means, A process, by which we can share our ideas, our views, our knowledge and our thoughts in a heterogeneous, anonymous masses of receives.

Bullet theory of mass communication
Bullet Theory

There are many theories of mass communication by which we can develop our communication skills. Bullet theory is one of them.
According to this theory, communication plays a very important role in the process of communication.

Mainly, the communication decides, the size, the form, the necessity and the medium or a message or a information. Receives do not play any role in communication process.

For example:-
In an advertising agency, these are three main people.
1. Produces
2. Consumer
3. Marketing Agent.

According to this theory the marketing agent, generally, do not advertise according to the necessity of consumer, but they try to generate, the necessity of consumers, with the help of producer.
In other words, we can say, mass communication try to move the interest of receive according to their message.

We all are familiar, with the example of close up in which they said, “Kya apke toothpaste me namak hai”.

Before this advertisement, we were not thinking that the salt is important for our teeth but after this, we are aware about this that salt is very important so we have to use the close-up.

Bullet means, message direct attracts on receives like a bullet.
The Hypothesis of this theory is that receive is inactive, and he accept all the things or all the information which we give to him. He is new and he has no his personal thought limitations of this theory.

According to this theory receives do not play any important role in communication process, he is inactive but receives is a human being and he has his own ideas, his views, and he gives a special meaning to all the information which he received.

Author – Priyanka Chaturvedi