The cytoplasmic hybrids, Where the nucleus is derived from only one parent and the cytoplasm is derived from both the parents are referred to as Cybrid or Cytoplast ( Cytoplasmic hybrids).
The Phenomenon of formation of cybrids is regarded as Cybridization.

Applications of Cybrids
(i) Cybrids are important for the transfer of Cytoplasmic male Sterility, antibiotic and herbicide resistance in agriculturally useful plants.
(ii) Two different parental genome that can not reproduce sexually (a sexual or sterile) are recombined.
(iii) Overcomes sexual incompatibility barriers.
(iv) Used in the study of cytoplasmic genes and their activities plant breeding experiments.
(v) Used in mitochondrial research and have been used to provide suggestive evidence of mitochondrial involvement in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Anurag Jain