The Indian government has made various initiatives to modernize the educational system and has devised a number of strategies to increase students’ employability skillsThis has raised the need of virtual labs in India.

In this blog, you’re gonna read that what does virtual labs mean & why it is important to implement virtual labs in India. Likewise, you’ll read about the social connection through virtual labs.

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What are virtual labs

A virtual laboratory, is a computer-assisted activity that assists students in doing experiments using a suitable computer-based interface, can be used as a supplement to the traditional laboratory to boost students’ knowledge.

It is less expensive than a traditional laboratory since it does not require the equipment, personnel, maintenance, or operational costs that a traditional laboratory requires.

Need of virtual labs in India

Firstly, many reforms are taking on in India’s higher education institutions to increase educational quality and achieve greater learning levels. Students will benefit from technology-enhanced learning as they develop a strong knowledge base.

India will become the world’s greatest education hub as the number of universities and institutions grows in recent years. India’s economy would be bolstered by a talented and well-trained workforce. Several higher education institutions, on the other hand, have inadequate infrastructure and laboratory facilities, which could impede students’ learning.

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Furthermore, certain educational institutions lack competent and experienced faculty, and government posts may go unfilled. In comparison to other science disciplines, it has been stated that student enrollment in engineering education has increased. Moreover, students conduct experiments according to laboratory protocol, write reports, analyse data, and evaluate results in a traditional laboratory. This exercise aids students in honing their observational and analytical abilities.

As a result, it is recommended that each course have a laboratory component, with a well-maintained experimental setup, experienced laboratory teachers, and trained faculty members. The laboratory is an important part of engineering education since it helps students grasp theoretical concepts, teamwork, observation, communication, and analytical skills, among other things.

Disadvantaged communities in India, on the other hand, have not benefited from the tremendous increase of engineering education. According to reports, private educational institutions are concerned with profits and seek to cut costs as much as possible. As a result, the current system does not increase students’ skill sets, and a large majority of graduates are unemployed or underemployed.

Social connection through virtual labs

Social connection and attunement are entirely possible online.

Warmth and responsiveness exhibited only minor losses in online interactions when compared to in-person contacts, according to the findings of the video analysis. In online meetings, client responsiveness was notably low. The VIG practitioners have been taught how to promote warm, attentive encounters. In an online setting, these talents appear to be useful.

Online one-on-one encounters can feel attuned and connected, but communication and behaviour must be adjusted. The video analysis and interviews revealed that therapeutic interactions can be deep and nuanced over the internet, and practitioners reported feeling significant ties with their clients despite never meeting them in person. virtual labs

“Students gain a better understanding of science courses through laboratory experiments. They let students gain experience by using concrete materials; they are an important aspect of science education since they improve students’ working habits and problem-solving abilities. The importance of the laboratory is equal to that of the classroom”.

Blog by: Ms. Anisha Sharma and Ms. Rashmi Khandelwal

Department of Zoology 

Biyani Group of Colleges, Jaipur

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