‘Danke-ka-kaam’ is a kind of metal embroidery in Rajasthan that is a decorative feature in Rajasthani fabrics. It’s a 400-year old embroidery craft in Udaipur, Rajasthan Danka work is a specialty in terms of metal embroidery of places like Udaipur and neighbouring areas. This craft is particularly distinguished by the use of a small, metallic square around which the zardozi work is usually done.

The technique of doing ‘danke-ka-kaam’ is not an easy task that is why it is said as a ‘rare piece of art’. This decorative technique is usually worked on fabric like satin, chiffon or silk fabric. The fabric is stretched tightly on a wooden frame before it is embroidered and the craftsman sits on the floor. Danka pieces are spread on the fabric as required by the design. The danka is pierced with a sharp needle, bringing out the thread through the fabric. About three to five strands of kasab (gold or silver wire) are kept over each danka and couched down along its edges. It is secured with eight stitches in the shape of a knot. Additional stitches used include the chain stitch, satin stitch for the design filling, while stem and running stitches are for lighter work. The most popular motifs used in Danka work are inspired by nature, like the paisley, which takes a stylized form, a like the Sun and Moon.

These days, materials adorned with Danka embroidery are available on online stores selling Rajasthani art work. Some of the websites have a wide array of designs to impress the audience and provide ample information on the exquisite work of art. Along with this, it seems to be the best option for the buyers as it tends to save their time in hunting for the suitable masterpiece. Each and every piece designed with Danka embroidery is explicit of class and royalty. Bedecked with stylish patterns, the fabrics with Danka work is always attractive. Moreover, online shopping allows people to get their stuff at the doorstep.

Blog By:-
Ms. Pooja Somwanshi
Assistant Professor
Department of Fashion Designing
Biyani Group of Colleges