Hey there, I hope you are doing well. When it comes to fashion designing, pattern making plays an important role. But, what is pattern making? In this blog, we are gonna talk about the meaning of pattern making and the types of patterns.

Moreover, we’ll also discuss the tools which are used for pattern making. On the other hand, you’ll get to know about ‘who are patternmakers?’.

What is pattern making?

Patternmaking is the foundation of a garment. In simple terms, patternmaking is plotting the measurements or specs to create a paper template of a garment. Then, the garment template is used to cut the fabric. Later on, which is to be sewn into a garment.

Certainly, it is an art that helps in manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to more curves of the human figure. The body has height, width, and depth but the design is flat.

Darts are the basis of all pattern making which converts the flat piece of cloth into a three-dimensional form and lastly fits the bulges of the body.

Likewise, it is a practical and mathematical-based subject by which one can make designer garments easily, once they are well-versed with the basics.

Types of Patterns 

  1. Flat Pattern Drawing
  2. Drafting
  3. Fashion Draping

Pattern making is also known as the process of creating a blueprint of your garment. It can be done through some factors in the type of fabric, the intended fit on the wearer, and any trims that will be used.

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Tools used for pattern making

tools for pattern making

There are various pattern making tools that are vastly used to create patterns:-

  1. Straight pins
  2. Straight pin holder
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencils and pens
  5. Rulers
  6. Curve rules
  7. Hanger hooks or ringers
  8. Pushpins,
  9. Magic mend scotch tape
  10. Black twill tape
  11. Notcher
  12. Tracing wheels
  13. Awl
  14. Metal weight
  15. Measuring tape
  16. Tailor’s chalk

Pattern making is quite interesting and important for a student.  Likewise, it helps people of all age groups to develop the designs and understand the design in technical words.

It is defined as a technique or method of drawing patterns on brown paper with a proper method that is based on the body measurements or standard measurement chart.

Fitting symbols marks are placed on long seams so that accuracy is maintained when sewing the seam.

Who are Patternmakers?

Patternmakers are a combination of engineering skills and designing skills and they capture the design not only for the fit but also for designs that have been given by the designer.

Basically, they should have the ability to understand what the designer wants and translate that into the lines of a pattern that will cause the garment to fit correctly. The pattern maker should have a large set of tools that he can select or use while making different specifications or designs to achieve its results. Patternmakers draft patterns based on a designer’s sketch of a style.

Lastly, the pattern is a type of template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and stitched. It is the actual copy of different parts of a garment. To create a simple design, a pattern maker would have to follow five essential steps: gathering their material, taking proper measurements, adding styles and designs, grading their design, and then draping it to result in the final garment.

Blog by: Ms. Ritu Sharma Soni

Department of Fashion Designing

Biyani Group of Colleges

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