The only joy in the world is to begin. It is good to be alive because living is beginning, always, every moment. When this sensation is lacking”as when one is in prison, or ill, or stupid, or when living has become a habit”one might as well be dead.


A College Is A New Beginning In Any Students Life. After The Much Disciplined Life Of Schools There Comes The College. It Gives Us A Sense Of Responsibility As Well As Freedom. We Suddenly Start Thinking That Woo We Are Actually Grown Up Wand That Now We Can Do Anything And Everything. We Feel Like A Free Bird.

It was A Very Bright Sunny Day. The Day Was 1st Of August 2009.The Very First Day of My College. After Lot Of Hustle Bustle,Wait,Lengthy Formalities And Sincere Hard Efforts I Had Managed To Get Admission In That College. My College Was The Leading Girls College In My City.

As Any Other Newbie I Was Super Excited About My First Day Of The College. I Was Feeling Nervous, Happy And Elicited At The Same Time. That Strange Feeling We All Go Through But Can’t Explain Exactly. I Have Started Preparing For My College A Fortnight Before. Shopping, How Would I Look,How Would I Talk, What Would I Wear Etc. Etc. Etc.I Got Myself A Very Stylish Jhola Which Was Very Inn Those Days.

Finally The Day Come. I Wore My Favorite Tee With Denims As I Want To Look Cool And Casual. Nothing Over. Then I Reached My College. As I Entered The Premises I Enquired For My Class. It Was On The First Floor. There Were Lot Of Students With Their Parents As Well. I Went To My Class and Sat On the Second Bench. There Were Few Other People Sitting There As Well. It Was A Really Very Awkward Feeling Sitting There No Knowing Anyone. There Was Still Time For Class To Start So I Was Sitting Idle Looking Here And There. Then A Girl Came And Sat Near Me And We Started Talking. She Was Also Very Talkative Like Me So We Instantly Hit It Off. That Girl Later Became Avery Good Friend Of Mine And We Are Still In Touch.

Then Came Our Class Teacher And Then Normal Introduction And Stuff Happened. It Took Almost 40 Min.Everyone Tried To Pose A Good Impression Of Themselves. This Way Our First Class Ended And Rest Of The Day Passed Away In Different Activities Welcoming And All.
Soo..This Was The First Day Of My College. Sweet and Happy Cute and Fine..The Girls Whom I Befriended On The First Day Became Such Good Friends Of Mine Later..My Three Years In College Passed So Soon. Even Now I Miss Those Days Like Anything. But They Are Always With Me In My Memories And now when I am a teacher and I see all these new students starting their college life. I feel nostalgic and cherish my college memories.:))
“A college should not be a preparation for life. A college should be life.” – Elbert Hubbard

Author:-Ms. Chitrangi Sharma