Tomatoes (long- lasting tomatoes)
 Transgenic tomato (flavr savr) had a “ deactivated” gene ( Antisense approach).
 This meant that the tomato plant was no longer able to produce Polygalactouranase, an enzyme involved in fruit ripening,
 This increases the shelf life.
 Came on market in 1994 and were the first genetically modified food available to consumers. The GM tomato produces less of the substance that causes tomatoes to rot, so remains firm and fresh for long time.
Golden rice
 Golden rice is GM rice that now contains a large amount of A Vitamins or more correctly , the rice contains the element β- Carotene which is converted in the body in to Vitamin A.So when you eat golden rice, you get more Vitamin A.
 β- Carotene gives carrots their orange colour and is the reason why genetically modified rice s golden.
 For the golden rice to make β- Carotene three new genes are implanted: two from daffodies and the third from a bacterium.