Arts stream in our college is a combination of many subjects which includes Economics, Sociology, English Literature, Public Administration and Geography. We provide this varied range of subjects so that students can select the subjects of their choice, interest and requirement. A Student of English Literature becomes imaginative and aesthetic by nature and behavior and receives numerous job opportunities as English Language and Literature have gained importance in modern world. Sociology gives an insight to the study of human society relationships and group behavior and moulds the students into a good human being and social worker. Students who choose Economics get acknowledged with the regulation of commercial transactions through social processes and systems. The detailed know have of administrative strategies which are helpful in every walk of life is provided to the students through the study of Public Administration. Opting Geography as a subject enlightens the Students with the knowledge of available natural resources and promotes them to use them judiciously because they have been bestowed upon us.

The students are given the guidance to reflect over and realize their areas of interest and they have full freedom to choose any three of the above mentioned subjects to pursue B.A Pass Course Degree. Adherence to the syllabus along with innovative and effective teaching skills and curriculum prepares the students for a bright career as well as future.

Riggs’ Ideal Model in Comparative Public Administration

Fred Riggs, who is known as the Father of Comparative Public Administration developed a typology in 1956-1957 named as ‘AGRARIA-TRANSITIA-INDUSTRIA. This model was fully developed in 1957.It reflects the features of two societies viz.Agrarian and Industrial societies. Agrarian society is the condition of society where there is dominance of agricultural […]

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Describe about Research Methodology

All human being possess the very distinct & vital instinct of “Inquisitiveness”. Whenever we are confronted with something unknown our this inquisitiveness pushes us to probe and attain understanding of the unknown & unexplored. In common paralance research refers to a search for knowledge. We can also define research as […]

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Globalization & its Impact on Indian Economy

In this blog we will examine the global integration of the various economies of the world. Globalization is the increasing degree of openness in respect of international trade, international investment and finance. In simple word, globalization is the process of transformation of the world into a single united economics unit. […]

Globalization & its Impact on Indian Economy2020-02-13T05:50:34+05:30

Green Politics: Prospects in Rajasthan

Peace – According to old Indian belief – is not only being in harmony with the people around, but also to be in harmony with one’s inner self and with one’s environs – the physical and the natural. Since times immortal, Man has worshipped and respected Nature. The protection of […]

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Income and Social Happiness / Life Style

With the advent of man on earth, his struggle with nature to ease his life started. Subsequently, several independent civilizations had evolved in various parts of the world. And there evolved two different life style broadly –First, the spiritual Indian life style and The Second, Western. The Western life style […]

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How inclusive can be GDP Growth through Education ? : An Incidence of Eleventh Plan

  After achieving the GDP growth rate of 7.2% in the 10th Plan period against the targeted little over 8%, though it was the highest GDP growth rate achieved in any plan period, there was a need for reconsidering the approach to planning in India. The 11th Plan aimed a […]

How inclusive can be GDP Growth through Education ? : An Incidence of Eleventh Plan2020-02-13T05:51:21+05:30

Flat World Economy

“Flat World” a phrase coined by Thomas Friedman which means that this world is home for many products. A product or service can be manufactured, assembled and used in different countries.The technology has lead us to the level playing field for all the players by which anyone can use and […]

Flat World Economy2020-02-13T05:51:31+05:30

Role of Income Level On Psychological Well Being And Happiness Index

It seems that income of an individual and his psychological well being correlate with each other. Income helps individuals meet their certain universal needs and therefore that income, at lower levels, is a cause of subject well being. But the argument is based on the idea that the impact of […]

Role of Income Level On Psychological Well Being And Happiness Index2020-02-13T05:51:46+05:30
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