Arts stream in our college is a combination of many subjects which includes Economics, Sociology, English Literature, Public Administration and Geography. We provide this varied range of subjects so that students can select the subjects of their choice, interest and requirement. A Student of English Literature becomes imaginative and aesthetic by nature and behavior and receives numerous job opportunities as English Language and Literature have gained importance in modern world. Sociology gives an insight to the study of human society relationships and group behavior and moulds the students into a good human being and social worker. Students who choose Economics get acknowledged with the regulation of commercial transactions through social processes and systems. The detailed know have of administrative strategies which are helpful in every walk of life is provided to the students through the study of Public Administration. Opting Geography as a subject enlightens the Students with the knowledge of available natural resources and promotes them to use them judiciously because they have been bestowed upon us.

The students are given the guidance to reflect over and realize their areas of interest and they have full freedom to choose any three of the above mentioned subjects to pursue B.A Pass Course Degree. Adherence to the syllabus along with innovative and effective teaching skills and curriculum prepares the students for a bright career as well as future.

the role of media in India

Introduction Hey there, I hope you're doing good. Basically, we all are aware of Media. But, it is not that easy to understand the chain of media & how media works. Do you know about the role of media in India? In this blog, we'll cover the role of [...]

the role of media in India2022-06-20T14:27:37+05:30

Budget Analysis

Economic transformation of a developing country like India crucially depends on the performance of its agriculture and allied sector. This sector plays a significant role in rural livelihood, employment and national food security. It happens to be the largest source of livelihoods in India. Proportion of Indian population depending [...]

Budget Analysis2020-03-06T04:51:33+05:30

Why to study Economics?

Perhaps the most important benefit of studying economics is learning how to “think like an economist.” What is economics? Economics may be a scientific discipline that deals with the manufacturing, use and transfer of wealth. It issues problems that impact on money things and examines the distribution of wealth [...]

Why to study Economics?2020-03-06T09:11:15+05:30

मस्जिद से मंदिर तक

गत कुछ दिनों पहले उच्चतम न्यायालय के एक फैसले ने भारत की राजनीति और राजनीतिक विचारधाराओं के लिए एक नई आधारशिला रख दी। यह फैसला अयोध्या में राम मंदिर के संदर्भ में दिया गया। इसके साथ ही वह संपूर्ण मुद्दों पर लगाम लग गई जो कि देश की लोकतांत्रिक [...]

मस्जिद से मंदिर तक2020-03-03T08:19:58+05:30

Concept of Sustainable Development – An Indian Perspective

Abstract: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”- Mahatma Gandhi The sustainable development is now deeply embedded   in both National and International scenario, it is a big Global problem; therefor India has also keen concern on the protection of environment, development and sustainable development. […]

Concept of Sustainable Development – An Indian Perspective2020-01-04T10:01:04+05:30

Communication Skills

Attending is the art and skill of giving full, physical attention to another person. Effective attending is a careful balance of alertness and relaxation that includes appropriate body movement, eye contact, and “posture of involvement”. Fully attending says to the speaker, “What you are saying is very important. I am […]

Communication Skills2020-01-04T10:24:34+05:30

Maslow’s Need-Hierarchy Theory

  Abraham Maslow was a famous behaviouralist and psychologist in administrative thought. He propounded the theory of motivation that is known as ‘NEED – HIERARCHY’ theory among various motivational theories. It is also known as ‘SATISFACTION-NEEDS’ theory. Maslow has classified needs into following five categories namely:- 1. Physiological needs 2. […]

Maslow’s Need-Hierarchy Theory2020-01-04T10:27:10+05:30

Factors for Long Life

Is a person eager to continue his life? Many people, apparently, are not. It is not too difficult for a physician to discover this basic attitude, which is more or less decisive for the doctor’s success or failure. A diminished attachment to life may be a symptom of temporary dissatisfaction […]

Factors for Long Life2020-01-04T10:28:16+05:30


Fred Riggs, who is known as the Father of Comparative Public Administration is propounder of ecological approach. He wrote the book “The Ecology of Public Administration” in 1962 in which he threw light on the relationship & interaction of an administration with its external surroundings. He analyzed that many factors […]

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