I know everybody talks about it, not a new for everyone, the term “ WOMEN EPOWERMENT” but a real sense meaning according to me is hiding somewhere in the hearts , especially of women only. Speeches, blogs, articles and many other things are happening around you that makes a women aware about what we call “Naari- Shakti”. But tell me Is there any need to tell you that how much powerful you are? The answer is unfortunately YES. The problem is within; realization of self esteem is directly related to self identity which only you can make. Nobody has the right to define you in their language. India, the country of DEVI POOJA, is just confined to temples only. We don’t say that worship us but we are also not meant for ignorance or bound by certain myths. Dear all time for women never changes, it’s the thinking and perception of the person may be he or she. God has made us as equal as other beings with soul; difference starts with your upbringing, at the time you take birth. I haven’t read Vedas and all manuscripts, but very much sure that there is no specifications regarding upbringing of a girl child. Crimes involving women or as a victim, is like domestic violence, murder and yes our society is upgraded rapes are normal, daily happens wherever. You have confined the crimes in law books. Yes these are the name of crimes, and the crimes that daily occurs in your daily life where you are forced to make compromises, bear ignorance and imposed by simple statements of EGOS. Are these not crimes where daily your personality is at question? Ward ship or parenting right from the beginning is the responsible factor where in the same house a boy and girl are nurtured in the different way. Who imposed or enforced the laws of home, just think… yes only Dadi, Nani or Mother, only these persons tell you Do’s And Don’ts , which is specific for Gender. Inspite of blaming or expecting some change from society, NGOs or organization working for women, initiate and approach at root level that is your home. Help Yourself, Love Yourself and Respect Yourself. A great personality has said that “We are the creator of our destiny and we are the destroyer of our life it’s all in our hand.” or it’s a saying in a movie which I love if you don’t drive your car, other will overtake or take over and I am not against any family tradition or culture, but against the double standards which divides us. Even compromises are the only thing that makes our life cycle smoothened and we are the master of this trade. I make compromises and not against it, but it should be on both sides so we don’t feel like victims. Stiffness or Ego problems in relationship can only be avoided by compromises but it should not affect anyone’s dignity. I thank you all Mothers and Grandparents for their upbringing and nurturing us and made us powerful and request to let us give power of expression, power of taking own decisions and implying it with your guidance. Women Empowerment is to make choices not changes, annoyance or interference with our personality and attitude.
Agar hum apni zindagi ka steering wheel apne haath mein nahi lenge na … toh koi doosra driver seat par baith jayega. If we don’t take the steering wheel of our life in our own hands … then someone else will sit on the driver’s seat.


Author: Dr. Megha Sharma (Science Dept.)