Footwear is arguably one of the best woman’s wardrobes essential. They’re eternally on-trend. What shoes to wear with casual, formal, occasional wear? Doesn’t worry — in this post, I’ll be covering 9 boots and shoes.

  1. Ballerina:  Ballet flats, ballerinas or Dolly shoes are inspired by women’s soft ballet shoe, with a very thin heel creating an appearance of no heel at all, with closed toes
  2. Mary Jane: Characterized by a closed, low-cut, with one or more straps across the instep, Mary Jane is an American term for these shoes also known as bar shoes or doll shoes.
  3. Moccassins: Traditionally made of deerskin or soft leather, moccasins also fall under the slip-on shoe family. The sole of a moccasin is usually soft and flexible and there’s no appearance of a heel.
  4. D’Orsay : A subcategory of pump heels, the characteristic feature of d’Orsay Pumps is the cut-out sides which reveal the arch of your foot. The side or vamp of the shoe is cut very close to the toe-box in the case of this footwear type for women, and while the d’Orsay usually comes in the form of heels, it can also be a flat shoe.
  5. Mules: If you’ve heard clueless women ask you ‘are shoes and boots the same thing? Wait till they see mules! But in its most simplistic sense, Mule is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot’s heel.
  6. Pumps: Pumps are close-toed heels usually featuring a low-cut front and round cut toes. The difference between a pump heel and a pair of stilettos lies in the heel size, with the former comprising of both lower heels less than 1 inch in height, as well as high heels.
  7. Oxford: Characterized by ‘close-lacing’, Oxfords at their purest form are meant to be a type of women’s formal shoes. However, they’ve evolved over the years to be more suitable as casual shoes too!
  8. Boots: A staple in most winter wardrobes around the world today, boots were not recognized as high fashion footwear until the 1970s. They could also be used as a type of formal shoes for girls.
  9. Spool heel: A spool heel is a heel that is wide at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle, considered far more practical and comfortable than all the other different kinds of heels.

Blog By :

Ms. Pooja Somwanshi

Assistant Professor

Department of Fashion Designing

Biyani Group of Colleges