India is well known for its spices condiments , curries and most importantly taste … but you know what makes these curries actually drooling and healthier… yes!! The herbs they are. lets discuss some of the herbs which are well known in INDIA , easily available in every kitchen and most importantly healthy options to be consumed.

Mint: also known as pudina, one can easily grow in their kitchen garden or in a small pot. ‘Pudina’ is well known to be consumed for relieving nausea. ‘pudin hara’ is the aurvedic medicine which is consumed to cure upset stomach, gastritis, bloating , vomiting and nausea. Its specific aroma is sooths clogged nose. Consumption of Mint tea help with blood pressure and heart related problems. Pudina raita , pudina pani puri, pudina in all vegetables on daily basis , not only ease the digestion but also enhances aroma and taste of the dish.

Tulsi : also known as holy basil. It is worshiped every day in Indian homes and ‘charnamrit’ is consumed on everyday basis, because our ancestors discovered its importance for health ages before. No ‘prasadam’ is considered complete without Tulsi leaves in it. Tulsi has anti spasmodic, digestive and antibiotic properties. ‘Tulsi adrak chai’‘ is most popular beverage across the globe after water. It helps in several respiratory diseases like asthama and bronchitis. Widely  consumed to get relief from cold, cough, viral and flu. It helps in boosting immunity and metabolism. Basil seeds are used in several sweets like ‘falooda’. When consumed soaked in water , basil seed helps in constipations and bloated stomach, also it is rich source of soluble fiber.

Coriander: also known as ‘dhaniya’. It’s leaves are consumed in almost all Indian dishes to garnish as well as for aroma. Coriander leaves have digestive properties, it help is improving digestion and gastritis. leaves consumption on regular basis help to treat anemia as it improves the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Coriander lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL). Usually seed powder is used for thickening of gravies but actually the seeds have soothing properties, it gives cooling effect on body. Coriander is very helpful for diabetes patients. It stimulates insulin hormone secretion and  lower the blood sugar levels. Coriander leaves help to promote the nervous system so it help to stimulate the memory.

Curry leaves: also known as ‘kari patta’ or ‘meetha neem’. It is key ingredient of many indian curries in north india to south provide specific aroma to food.  They are a rich source of vitamins A, B, C, and B2, calcium, and iron. Carbozol alkaloid present in these leaves is responsible for health benefits,it provide.these leaves can be consumed raw, in food or as decoction. It help to balance blood sugar levels hence very beneficial for diabetes. Curry leaves are consumed for upset stomach, nausea, morning sickness in pregnant women,dysentery and diarrhea. The leaves also help in reducing body fat, hence help in weight lose. Its paste can be applied on face or on scalp to treat wounds ,boils and dandruff.

Blog by- MS. Kanchan sharma
Asst. Prof., D
epartment of Science