It is very important to consider whether teaching machines can perform the functions of a teacher. In this connection, we should remember that teaching machines do not teach.

The teaching machine is an auto instructional device which makes it possible for certain educational, processes which previously required the active direction of a live teacher to be done mechanically. Thus the teaching machine is a self teaching-aid. In other word, the learner can use the teaching machine to teach himself.

There are people who select and prepare the programme. The programmer is in a way the teacher. The programmer is according to cook a curriculum specialist who sub-divides the material to be learned into the sequential steps for later use with the mechanical method of presenting the programme.

Sawrey and Tefford have describe various function of the teacher or tutor and shown that the teaching machines may also be helpful in performing these functions without teacher.

Discussing the teachers role in relation to teaching machines and programmed learning, Hilgard has said If through teaching machines and programmed instruction we free the teacher of the drudgery of straight forward instruction in the imparting of the information and questioning about facts, computations and the like the teacher will then have the time to do the things that he can do better than any machine. It is thus clear that teaching machines will enable the teacher to have more leisure for creative work.

It has also been said by Hilgard that the teaching machine will not create unemployment for the teachers nor will it remove. Teacher shortage it has been rightly said by Hilgard that the teaching machine will help so far as the students competency in routine achievement is concerned but the teacher will still have many opportunity for recognizing and rewarding individuality initiative and creativity?.

Author – Vinod Jain (B.Ed)