Modern age is leading towards the concept that the teacher is not born only, but they can be produced. The responsibility of producing teachers goes to the training institution. In this job, educational technology has played the key role. It can also be raid that the teachers behavior can be modified. In order to modify teachers behavior the method developed to prepare effective teachers is known as Micro-teaching.

Micro teaching is a process of subjecting samples of human behavior to 5Rs of video tape. Recording, reviewing, responding refining, and redoing. Micro teaching is a Controlled practice that makes it possible to concentrate on teaching behavior in the student teachers training program.

Micro teaching is a training procedure aiming at simplifying the comp lenities of the regular teaching process. In a micro-teaching procedure, the trainee is engaged in a scaled down teaching situations. It is scaled down in terms of class size and class time. The number of students is generally 5 to 10 and the duration of period ranges from 5 to 10 minutes. It is also scaled down in terms of teaching tasks. These tasks may include.The practicing and mastering of a specific teaching skill such as lecturing, questioning or leading a discussion.

The basic principle of micro teaching are simple, a pupil teacher , a short lesson of about five minutes duration to small group of pupils at the end of the lesson the pupils leave and students teacher discuss the lesson with his supervisor. After a short interval the pupil teacher re-teach the lesson with a different group of pupil making use of the feedback from the supervisor and attempts to improve his preview lesson.

It is a clinical teaching program which in organized to explore the trainee to an organized curriculum of miniature teaching encounter , moving from the less complex to the more complex.

Author – Tripti Mam (B.Ed)