Biyani Group recognizes the fact that field trips and excursions are important components for a student’s development. They are educationally sound and an important ingredient to the instructional program of our college. These activities supplement and enrich classroom learning and encourage new interests amongst students, It also makes them more aware of community resources and helps them relate their educational experience to the outside world. Different field trips and excursions are planned and executed at Biyani. As such, apart from the academic development, the social and overall development of our students is also being focused. Industry tours are an integral part of the our curriculum. These tours ensure that students gain practical insights to industry operations in their respective areas of specialization.

Jhalana Botanic Garden, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Date :20
th October, 2019
The park visit to understand the flora and vegatative habitat

Ayushraj Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Mansinghpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Date :
18th October, 2019
Visit done for Industrial Exposure with respect to production and Testing

Mangla Ispat (Jaipur) Limited, VKIA, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Date :
19th October, 2019
Visit done for Industrial Exposure with respect to production and Testing

Xtreem Solutions, Jaipur
Date : 19th October, 2019
IT Department students visited Xtreem Solutions, Jaipur where they interacted with the Director of the company Mr. Vikas Jangid along with other teams including Graphic design, testing, development. The visit was very informative and knowledgable for the students.

Cyberops Infosec LLP
Date : 21st September, 2019
Students of IT Department visited Cyberops Infosec LLP where Mr. Palash Verma, Information Security Analyst took a session on “Information Security”. Students got the knowledge about security and ethical hacking.

Weavers Service Centre, Jaipur
Date : 05th February, 2019
The fashion designing students of Biyani Institute of Skill Development visited Weavers Service Centre, Jaipur to understand handloom and craft work of traditional India. Students learnt about various stages of weaving, starting from design process to final product.

Endive Software Pvt. Ltd.
Date : 31st January, 2019
Our MCA students visited mobile and web application based company to understand the latest innovations and techniques adopted in the IT world. They received a warm welcome from the Endive Group along with the presentation about the organization and its working.

Exhibition Visit- Jawahar Kala Kendra
Date : 11th August, 2018
A trip to the Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur was organized by Biyani institute of skill development for fashion designing students. They participated in the art exhibition and gathered knowledge about various art forms, medium and material. The students interact with the artisians and got in inside about the nitty gritties of designing.

Bella Casa Fashion & Retail Ltd.
Date : 28th August, 2018
Student’s of fashion designing of Biyani Institute of skill development visited Balla Casa, Jaipur to understand the various stages of garment production and expose. They gathered complete knowledge of garment industry and product development.

Lotus Dairy
Date : 21st September, 2018
Our management students visited Lotus Dairy to gather complete knowledge of manufacturing and production of dairy products. They also learnt the functioning of various departments of the organization and hierarchy therein.

IsysSoftech (Mahindra Sez)
Date : 27th December, 2018
The students of IT department visited IT company in Mahindra Sez to understand the computer application environment in which the company functions. They also gathered knowledge about the working of the organization and its various departments.