This blog was written by me through an inspiration , when I was preparing for my goal.

Our mind at the time of preparation is just like Stock Exchange. Many a times, it is at heights – “I’ll clear in my first attempt, I know everything ,and some times it is at record low –“what will happen to me, will I be able to clear it or not.

You are going to be alone in this fight, the fight to achieve your dream. I’ve been alone all the times. Expecting that someone else will understand your mindset, your dream your inner fire, is a mirage. Be it your lover, parents or siblings, at some point of your journey, they’ll abandon you and will force you to abandon your dream and to settle for something else, irrelevant to your dream.

Never settle for the thing you don’t want, settle with your dream, push yourself, push your boundaries, challenge yourself, and get yourself out from your comfort zone. Then & then only, things will start working for you.

As per F.W. Taylor, there is no one best way of doing things. You are different from others and therefore your story too would be different, be your own guide, and work hard. You’ll be successful when chunk of your time would be spent on your chair rather than your bed. There is a popular saying “If you don’t sacrifice for your dreams, your dreams would be your sacrifice”. Don’t afraid to sacrifice anything, the day you’ll clear your journey with flying colors, everything would be paid off. Your journey is transcendental, sacrosanct & immutable; don’t spoil it for temporary pleasures.

The day you’ll clear, your confidence will be at another level. Never consider your journey or your goal as inferior to others, as we have a popular saying “no work is small”.

At last, never settle for the things you never wanted because I’m not going to.

Blog By:-

Mukul Sharma

Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College

Department of Commerce &Management