One of the most important questions in student’s life is “Which course should I choose after 12th class”.  The students frequently struggle with the decision of which is the best course after 12th class to help them have the right career path.  It is crucial to look at many aspects, before making a choice because it could have a significant impact on their future. In this article, I will try to touch upon some of the most significant elements that students should take into account while deciding a course after 12th class. Course chosen should be such that after the completion there are many job opportunities which will give right momentum to the career path of the student.

After completing their 12th grade, making a right choice is difficult as there are many options available. When it comes to selecting a college Jaipur has many colleges especially for girls, Biyani Girls College can be one of the best choices as the college is approved by all state government and Central government bodies. It is also NAAC accredited, approved by UGC and affiliated to University of Rajasthan and is located in the heart of the city with safe and secure environment for girls.

Interests and Passion

Students can, however, make an informed decision that fits well with their interests, abilities and values by taking into account a variety of aspects. Let’s look at some of the most crucial things to think about while selecting a career after school. 

One of the most crucial elements to take into account when picking a career is academic success. Students should select such a subject that complements their aptitudes and academic record. For instance, students who score well in commerce can opt CA, CS or Management as their career, the arts and humanities students may think about a career in law or the social sciences, whereas those who are keenly interested in Computers, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics may think about a career in AI, data science, Basic Sciences or engineering and those who love Zoology, Botany, Biotechechnology etc. can make their career in Research and Development.  Biyani Girls College has many international tie ups for conducting research in biotechnology.

Students should pick up a career that fits well with their passions and interests and has ample job opportunities. It can be more pleasurable to work if one chooses a career in a field they are enthusiastic about. Those who are interested in drawing, painting and are creative can plan their career in Visual arts, Fashion designing, applied arts, those interested in music, for instance, might think about a future in journalism, mass media, music production, whereas those who are interested in athletics would think about a career in sports management. Biyani Girls College is one of the best colleges in Rajasthan to offer all a great variety of courses.  When choosing a job route, it is crucial to take the future prospects into account. Students should select a course that offers them career growth and will still be in demand in the future.

Students should select a career that aligns with their personal values and beliefs. For instance, if a student values environmental sustainability, they may consider a career in renewable energy or environmental conservation.

Job Opportunities, Job Security and Salary benefits

An important consideration when picking a career route is industry demand. Students should learn about the employment opportunities in a given field and market trends. For instance, the need for occupations in the healthcare sector, AI, cyber security, techno smart Managers is likely to increase during the next several years.

Job security is another important consideration when choosing a career path. Students should choose a career that not only offers growth opportunities but also provides job security. For instance, careers in the government sector, such as civil services, offer high job security. Other professions like teaching, law enforcement, and healthcare also offer job security due to the essential nature of their work.

Salary and benefits also play an important role while choosing the right career. Students should research the earning potential of a particular profession before deciding on a career path. Some professions offer higher salaries and better benefits than others.

Parents need to help the child in deciding the best course after 12th class followed by the career path so as to have the best job in hand. The following actions can be taken to help your child: 

Take your child to a career counsellor who can assist them in determining their strengths and interests and suggest career paths that match their profile.

Encourage your child to think about their interests, abilities, and shortcomings by encouraging self-exploration. Inquire about their passions and things they enjoy doing. This can aid students in determining the professions that best suit their personalities and interests. Explore a range of professional paths with your youngster. Examine the training requirements, employment outlook, pay scales, and work-life balance related for various jobs. 

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