Rajasthan is a place of scare city as well as famine affected that is why the govt. of Rajasthan is very serious about drought, flood and famine and the other disasters. there is no dought that more than 40% population of Rajasthan is living in desert areas which is extreme hot in summer and extreme cold in winters not only this but if it rains it also at extreme level. One or two days continues raining effect public routine. In the year 2007 Pali, Jalour, Badmer, and many other districts had a flood condition because the river and the drainage system are overfull and administration have to do a lot for surviving.
Rajasthan is basically a drought effected area and famine is the biggest problem of here. Famine effects agriculture based production, along with animal husbandry which is the second main profession of here and the base of there earning and if not rain they have to face the problem of eatables as well as fodder for cattle that’s why govt. is aware for disaster management strategies to fight with drought and other side with famine.

Author:- Dr. Nandini Sharma