𝓔very citizen of this country has the fundamental right to be educated. Biyani Group of Colleges is one such institution where we bring  together outstanding faculty and students, recognized around the world for their expertise and impact.
Biyani Group of Colleges trains young managers with an ethical and social vision. It is an institution which firmly believes that highly successful corporate managers must be socially sensitive, true to their values and committed enough to deviate from the beaten track. The institution takes special care to ensure that students are motivated and trained to become job-creators.
The world of Management is undergoing tremendous transformation. With globalization, new business opportunities are opening up. Management students can now seek careers in diverse domains – some traditional; some modern. Numerous students still opt for traditional career options like Marketing, Finance and HR in sectors like Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, and Pharmaceuticals. Simultaneously, students are also looking for career options in Media, Fashion Designing, Education, Training & Language. Upcoming youths are more enterprising and on an adventurous & entrepreneurial journey.
Interestingly, Biyani Group of institutions looks into the interests of such diverse groups of students and motivates each one to fulfill their dreams. The institution has also introduced Japanese ,German & French language studies as a part of its curriculum to help students to get greater jobs in a changing economic scenario.
In the last academic session we had established the new institutions for Pharmacy, Yoga, Skill & Languages.
The institution achieved a milestone through continuous research projects programmes carried on in association with Japanese Universities and the dedicated efforts of Dr. Manish Biyani & Japanese Team.

“Have faith in yourself and be committed to the cause. Have confidence in your own abilities. Have the dedication to stick to it even if the going gets really tough.”

So I welcome you to Biyani Group of colleges – The place where you can Trust.!

Dr. Rajeev Biyani