how to conserve biodiversity

Introduction Hey there, I hope you're doing well. Nowadays, human beings are destroying our biodiversity. So, In this blog, you'll read about 'threats of biodiversity' & 'how to conserve biodiversity'. Keep reading to the end of the blog. Biodiversity is the result of 3.5 billion years of evolution. Biodiversity [...]

how to conserve biodiversity2022-07-14T08:42:38+05:30

Carbon Credits and sustainable development: A contribution to economic appraisal in business world

Abstract: At present, a number of approaches are being adopted to reduce carbon emissions. These range from efforts by individuals and firms to reduce their climate footprints to initiatives at city, state, regional and global levels. Two major milestones among these initiatives of the commitment of governments to reduce emissions […]

Carbon Credits and sustainable development: A contribution to economic appraisal in business world2020-01-04T10:00:31+05:30

The effect of Diet Habits on Health Status among Diabetes Patients in India

Abstract: The general objective of this study is that the effect of the living habits (dietary practice) induced by different religions on the diabetes patients in India. We conducted the survey by the questionnaire. The basic characteristic of diabetes patients including the age, gender and the relationship among the religion […]

The effect of Diet Habits on Health Status among Diabetes Patients in India2020-01-04T10:01:46+05:30

Detection and Identification of Parasite from Micro graph

Abstract : Because of the progress of medical and sanitary environment, the number of cases of diseased due to parasite is decreasing. However, a certain number of diseases due to parasite are still reported every year. Lower frequency of occurrence of parasite related diseases, it may not easy to identify. […]

Detection and Identification of Parasite from Micro graph2020-01-04T10:02:29+05:30

E-bike: Catalyzing Sustainable Tourism

Abstract Electric Bikes could help India leap-frog and transform the tourism sector by using mobility which is shared, connected and electric. This would help address the first/last mile connectivity challenge and reduce air pollution. Key words: Electric bike, Mobility, Sustainable Tourism Introduction Jaipur as a Smart City has been seeing […]

E-bike: Catalyzing Sustainable Tourism2020-01-04T10:02:39+05:30

Values and Ethics in Teaching Profession

‘The system of Higher education is in crisis. There are more than 40,000 institutions, most of them of average or indifferent quality. Only about 20% of graduates from these institutions have been found to be employable. Private institutions have proliferated and many of them are of substandard quality. High capitation […]

Values and Ethics in Teaching Profession2020-01-04T10:28:27+05:30

The ministry of Human Resource Development

“The ministry of Human Resource Development is an Indian government ministry, responsible for the development of human resources.” The Ministry divided in to two Departments of school education and literacy and the department of Higher Education, which deals with secondary and post secondary education. East while ministry of education now […]

The ministry of Human Resource Development2020-02-13T05:52:58+05:30

Naturalism – Definition of Naturalism

Definition of naturalism: (i) Thomas and long: Naturalism is opposed to idealism, subordinates mind to matter and holds that ultimate reality is material world, not spiritual world. (ii) Word: Naturalism is a doctrine which separates nature from God, subordinates spirit to matter and sets up unchangeable lows as supreme (iii) […]

Naturalism – Definition of Naturalism2020-02-13T05:53:07+05:30

Role of Teacher in Education

The teachers are the active agent to develop the childs thinking, reasoning, imagination, practical efficiency ,emotional integration and social adjustments. By his personality and by proper guidance. He developed character of the child. His contribution to social welfare is no less important .He is the role model and maintains the […]

Role of Teacher in Education2020-02-13T05:53:18+05:30
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