Career as LIC Agent

When you get older in the race and when it comes time to do a job, there is a need to earn. Then limited career opportunities are known. There are many careers in which we can achieve unlimited heights. After 10th or with professional course one can also work [...]

Career as LIC Agent2020-03-06T05:14:15+05:30

Is Business Law Right for You?

Is Business Law Right for You? You May require to Ask from Yourself While these are the greater not unusual trends of enterprise law graduates, there are a few different, similarly vital characteristics. To decide whether or no longer that is a profession really worth pursing, you’ll want to [...]

Is Business Law Right for You?2020-02-20T07:47:58+05:30

Information Supervisory Control of Human Behavior

Abstract : A type of services that requires human physical actions and intelligent decision making can be found in various real fields,such as services by floor staff in hotels/restaurants and caregivingby nurses in hospitals/nursing homes.The authors’ group calls such a type of services “the physical and adaptive intelligent service,” and […]

Information Supervisory Control of Human Behavior2020-01-04T10:02:52+05:30

Financial System for Economic Development

Financial System is a broader term which brings under its fold the financial markets and the financial institutions which support the system. The responsibility of the financial system is to mobilize the savings in the form of money and monetary assets and invest them to productive ventures. An efficient functioning […]

Financial System for Economic Development2020-01-04T10:03:42+05:30

Material Control and its Advantages

Material Control can be defined as making available, at the minimum cost, the required quantity of quality material in a timely manner at the right place. In order to have an ideal system of material control, a higher level of coordination between purchase department, stores department and production department is […]

Material Control and its Advantages2020-01-04T10:03:47+05:30

Promotional Advertising and its means

Definition:– It is also known as ‘display advertising’. It includes the efforts made to increase the sales in and out of the shop. These efforts are hinged around the concept of display. Display implies arranging something for view. Promotional advertising demonstrates products directly and tells about the selling points indirectly. […]

Promotional Advertising and its means2020-01-04T10:24:41+05:30
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