Choosing a career after completing 12th is a crucial decision for every student  It’s a stepping stone that can have a profound impact on their lives .with so many career options available in today’s world, it can be overwhelming for students to decide which one to pursue. In such situations, career counseling can be extremely helpful. In this blog, we will discuss career guidance after 12 in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

What is career guidance?

Career guidance is a process of counseling students to choose the right career path based on their interests, skills, and abilities .it’s one- on -one session with a professional counselor who helps students understand their strengths, weakness, and potential. The Counselor also provides information about different career options available, their scope, and job prospects. Career guidance can help students make informed decisions about their future and avoid making costly mistakes.

Some of the main features of career guidance after 12th are:

  1. Aptitude and Interstate Assessment:

The first step in career guidance after the 12th is to access the aptitude and interests of the students. It helps us identify their strengths, weakness, and areas of interest.

  1. Career counseling:

It involves one-on-one discussions with a career Counselor who can guide the student in choosing the right career path based on their strengths and interests.

  1. Information about career options:

Career guidance after the 12th also involves providing information about various career options available to the students. This includes information about the different streams of courses and job prospects in various fields

  1. Skill Development:

Career guidance after the 12th also involves identifying the skills required for a particular career and helping the students to develop those skills. This may involve providing information about training programs, internships, and other opportunities that can help the student to develop the required skills.

  1. Goal Setting:

Finally, career guidance involves helping the students to set goals and developed a plan to achieve these goals. This may involve identifying short-term and long-term goals and developing a road map to achieve them.

  • Career guidance in Jaipur City:

Jaipur, the Pink City of India, is home to some of the best career counseling services in Rajasthan. There are several career counseling centers . Educational institutions and private consultants provide the best career guidance to students.

Their team of experienced counselors helps students choose the right career path based on their interests, skills, and abilities.

Biyani Girls College Jaipur is one of the leading Institutions for higher education in Rajasthan. The college has been providing quality education to its students for more than 16 years.

Biyani Girls College is known for its strong academic program and excellent faculty. The College has been offering courses in various streams including Humanities, Commerce, Science, IT, Visual Arts, and Law. One of the most popular courses offered by the college is civil service preparation along with graduation The college provides comprehensive guidance and training to students to crack various competitive exams.

  • How works guidance & counseling cell

Career guidance and counseling cells play an important role in guiding students to make informed decisions about their future careers. Biyani Guidance and counseling cell offer a range of services such as career assessments, psychological test for course selection, advice on job opportunities, training, and soft skills such as communication and leadership.

Biyani girls college also organizes workshops and seminars on various careers-related topics, invites guest speakers from various industries, and facilitates industry visits and internships .college organizes job fairs and placement events and provides training in interview skills and job search strategies.

Overall, the career guidance and counseling cells in Jaipur Rajasthan are committed to helping 12th-passed students to select the right course for future careers and providing them with the necessary skills.

Blog By:-

Ms. Malti Saxena

HOD, Department of Humanities

Biyani Girls College