At the Student’s level, one of the important and very challenging tasks is choosing the right career or field at the 1st stage after completing the 10th Standard and then further deciding the right degree after completing the 12th Standard as they get multiple of options at every stage.

Once the students select commerce as a career at the 11th Standard they always stay under pressure or dilemma for almost a period of 2 years to choose the right degree or course after the 12th Standard.

Choosing a career after completing your 12th grade with a commerce background provides you with a wide range of options. Here are some popular career paths you can consider:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): BBA is a management-oriented course that is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business and management principles. BBA is a popular choice for those looking to gain business management skills. After completing BBA, you can pursue an MBA for further
  2. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): Com is a degree program that primarily focuses on accounting, finance, and economics. You can specialize in areas like Accounting, Finance, Banking, Taxation, Marketing, HR, etc. If you want to pursue a B.Com degree to build a strong foundation in commerce then Biyani Girls College is the best choice for the uplifting your career because it is one of the reputable bcom college in Jaipur for commerce students.
  3. Bachelor of Commerce Honours (B.Com – H): Com (H) is a degree program that primarily focuses on accounting and finance. You can pursue a B.Com (H)

degree to build a strong foundation in Accounting and Finance in commerce. You can specialize in areas like Accounting, Finance, Banking, Taxation, etc.

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA): If you’re interested in accounting and finance, you can become a Chartered It’s a prestigious and well-paying profession.
  2. Company Secretary (CS): This profession involves handling the legal aspects of a company’s operations. It’s a good choice if you have an interest in corporate law and
  3. Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA): CMAs are experts in cost and management accounting. This profession is valuable for organizations seeking to control costs and improve financial

Scope After these Courses

  1. Professional Accountancy: Graduates can pursue professional qualifications like Chartered Accountancy (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) to become certified These certifications open doors to careers in auditing, taxation, financial analysis, and management accounting.
  2. Finance: Opportunities exist in finance-related fields, including investment banking, corporate finance, financial analysis, and financial planning. You can work in financial institutions, insurance companies, or investment
  3. Banking: Graduates can work in various roles within the banking sector, such as bank management, credit analysis, retail banking, and investment
  4. Business and Management: Commerce graduates can pursue careers in general management, business development, and operations management in a variety of A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a popular option for further specialization in management.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business or venture is an option, especially if you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative business
  6. Marketing and Advertising: Careers in marketing, advertising, public relations, and market research are available for those with an interest in promoting products and
  7. Human Resources: Graduates can pursue careers in HR management, talent acquisition, employee relations, and training and development.
  1. Economics: A degree in economics can lead to roles in economic research, policy analysis, or working for government agencies, think tanks, and international
  2. Teaching and Academia: You can become a teacher or lecturer in commerce- related subjects or pursue higher education to become a professor.
  3. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: With the increasing importance of data in decision-making, commerce graduates can enter roles in data analysis, business intelligence, and data
  4. Insurance: The insurance sector offers opportunities in roles such as underwriting, risk assessment, claims management, and insurance
  5. Stock Market and Investment: Graduates can work as stockbrokers, investment analysts, financial consultants, or portfolio managers in the financial
  6. International Business: Opportunities exist in international trade, export- import, global supply chain management, and cross-border
  7. Government and Public Sector: Graduates can find opportunities in government agencies, taxation departments, and public sector organizations in roles related to finance, taxation, and public
  8. Non-profit and NGOs: Careers in the non-profit sector involve finance management, fundraising, and program
  9. Corporate Law: Graduates can pursue a career in corporate law after obtaining a law degree, specializing in business and corporate
  10. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): Becoming a CFA can lead to careers in investment management, financial analysis, and portfolio

Reason for choosing the Biyani Girls College, Jaipur, Rajasthan as Career after 12th Standard in Commerce.

  1. NAAC Accreditation: The UGC has awarded an “A” Grade NAAC accreditation to Biyani Girls College, affirming its position as the top college in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  2. Holistic Development: The college places a strong emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of students, encompassing their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual This approach fosters well-rounded individuals who are prepared to navigate life’s complexities with confidence and resilience.
  1. Students Exchange Programmes: Our college offers valuable educational opportunities for students to study abroad through Student Exchange programs with distinguished foreign institutions, including Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Saitama University, Akita Prefectural University, and Kyushu These programs provide learners with the unique chance to immerse themselves in a different culture, acquire a new language, and gain priceless international experience. As a result, students enjoy numerous benefits, including cultural immersion, language proficiency, academic enrichment, personal growth, career advantages, and more.
  2. Excellent Foundation Course for MBA: Earning a Bachelor degree can establish a strong foundation for those looking to pursue an MBA program. The extensive education and practical skills gained in the field of business administration during BBA studies create a robust platform from which students can advance into their MBA journey. Pursuing an MBA after completing a BBA often results in a deeper comprehension of management concepts, offering students a competitive advantage and proving to be highly
  3. National and International collaborations: The Ministry of External Affairs of Japan has recognized our institute’s unwavering commitment to international collaborations and honored us with the “Certificate of Commendation” for our exceptional contributions in strengthening mutual relationships. Our institution is dedicated to fostering both national and international academic and industrial partnerships, creating valuable opportunities for students in terms of learning, internships, and job
  4. Dedicated and Qualified Teaching Staffs: Our college is proud to boast a team of dedicated and highly qualified teaching professionals who are deeply passionate about their work and possess extensive expertise in their respective subject areas. They are committed to delivering top-tier education to our
  5. Healthy and Safe environment for Students: College always committed for creating a healthy and safe environment for students which is crucial to their academic and personal success in today A healthy and safe environment includes physical, emotional, social well-being, Health and wellness, and safe and secure environment.

These are just some of the many options available in the field of commerce. It’s important to research and choose a program that aligns with your interests aptitude, and long-term career goals. Additionally, colleges may offer elective courses that allow you to tailor your education further to your specific interests within the field of commerce. It’s a good idea to explore various options, talk to professionals in the field, and consider your strengths and interests before making a final decision. Additionally, staying updated with industry trends and pursuing relevant certifications or advanced degrees can enhance your career prospects.

Blog By:

Mr. Rajesh Jakhotiya

Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce & Management

Biyani Girls College