New generation intelligent, expert, technology friendly and bla bla bla. Yes it is true about the youngsters of this era and I appreciate as well as give them a try hard advice for more. But a loophole or say lacking comes, may be true for some percentage of population is low Stamina and stressed lifestyle for any cause. Now a days after keen observation, I wondered about one situation that is Syncope, literal meaning to interrupt or Fainting or loss of consciousness. Let’s discuss the cause, first of all it is important to note that it is a temporary condition, a symptom not a disease, occurs due to decrease in blood flow and oxygen supply to brain.
There is rapid onset of condition which is of short time period and spontaneous recovery. Factors responsible for syncope are either psychogenic (anxiety, stress, pain, sight of blood, unwelcome news) or non psychogenic (hunger, hot, humid and crowded environment, exhaustion, sitting in upright or standing, poor physical condition). Sufferers come under age between 16-35 years. Syncope can be mediated by neural, cardiac and other factors like medications.
Symptoms: Classified under three phases viz., pre syncope, syncope and post syncope:-
Talked much about the condition, now prevention time and precautions:
1. Relief from Anxiety
2. Patient placed in supine position with elevated legs.
3. Proper breathing assessment and circulation
4. Call for immediate assistance
5. Oxygen supply to patient if condition is worsening.
1. Loosening of clothes
2. Cold towel on Patient’s head
3. Bradycardia persist hen provide anticholinergics ( atropine)
Note: Proper medication as per prescribed by Doctor
I hope this article about fainting and its cure will help you some and just ending with a little advice eat healthy and please don’t take stress anymore. Stress or over thinking does not you help out for any solutions or rectifying something, just your condition gets worsen and amplified. If there is a solution, then it is a problem, if not then where is the problem?? Just think and live free.

Author: Dr. Megha Shama