How it feels when your main engine of your vehicle stops working or there is some malfunctioning in motor. Reason may be anything or may be well known to you but carefree nature leads to accidents whether deliberately or not. Same things happen with your brain, if not provided with suitable and utilizable sources, brain damage or malfunctioning occurs. Lets discuss the same:
1. No Breakfast: Avoiding breakfast lowers sugar level when it is needed more to fuel the brain at morning hours and ultimately cause brain deterioration due to insufficient nutrients supply.
2. Over eating: Decrease in mental power due to hardening of brain arteries when you eat more than demand of your system.
3. Smoking: Brain shrinkage occurs and lethal to system causing Alzheimer disease.
4. High Sugar Consumption: Too much sugar interferes with absorption of protein and nutrients causing malnutrition thus interrupting in brain development.
5. Air Pollution: Brain is the largest oxygen consumer in our body. Inhalation of polluted air interfere with the supply of oxygen to brain thus decreases the efficiency of brain.
6. Sleep Deprivation: Long term sleep deprivation leads to accelerate death of brain cells.
7. Head covered while sleeping: covered head during sleeping leads to increase in carbon dioxide and decrease in oxygen supply from outside which ultimately have serious brain damaging effects.
8. Working your Brain during illness: Working hard during sickness decreases your brain effectiveness thus cause damage to brain.
9. Lacking in Stimulating Thoughts: thinking is the best way to train your brain, lacking this thought stimulation leads to shrinkage of brain.
10. Rarely Talking: Introverts and people who tend to speak less face higher risk of reducing the efficiency of their brains. Intellectual conversations are exercise for the brain, like the gym is for the muscles.
It’s the central processor for all our bodily functions, the part that interprets what we see and hear, smell and taste, and even a place where the chemical reaction associated with love occurs.
With all that in mind (excuse the pun), we practice ten common bad habits that actually damage our brain, and should be avoided.


Author: Dr. Megha Sharma