CAREER in Information Technology

Information Technology is assuming a critical part in India today and has changed India’s picture from an ease back moving bureaucratic economy to a place that is known for creative. The IT segment in India is creating 2.5 million direct businesses. India is currently one of the greatest IT capitals of the cutting edge world […]

Viva Voce: Oral Assessment (Survival of Positive Thoughts)

Being known to every student the meaning of viva voce during their examination, literally means a communication between two parties, where one is examiner who is going to review your performance via putting questionnaire and other party is one whose assessment has to be done. We can say it is a “the living voice” examination. […]

Career in Information Technology

The information age has ushered in advances in pc and communication technology, advances that have sparked what has been termed the “information revolution.” At the backbone of this revolution is that the exponential demand for access to, management of, and transformation of data. Data technology drives the dynamic data infrastructure that has become integrated on […]

Career in Information Technology

This is a computer & Technology era. No work will be possible without the help of computers. There are innumerable computer software package, and Application and hardware development programs that are getting utilized in every sector of profession. Once completion of any courses in engineering of us can get smart jobs among the market, albeit […]