Biyani Youth Fest- Spectrum 2017

Dates announced for the Most awaited event Youth Fest “Spectrum – 2017”. Last date for entries 28-Nov-2017, Hurry up register soon.

Detrimental Effects of Sediments.

The natural process of soil erosion gives rise to sediments in water. Sediments include soil, sand and mineral particles washed into aquatic environment by flood waters. In addition, large deposits of sewage sludge, pulverized coal ash and various industrial solids are disposed off into waters. Suspended solid loadings reaching natural waters are about 700 times […]

Balance in ecosystem

The makers are the autotrophic components—mostly green plants. They utilize brilliant vitality of sun in photosynthetic process whereby carbon dioxide is absorbed and the light vitality is changed over into substance vitality. The concoction vitality is really secured up in the vitality rich carbon mixes. Oxygen is developed as result in the photosynthesis. This is […]

Alert towards health

New generation intelligent, expert, technology friendly and bla bla bla. Yes it is true about the youngsters of this era and I appreciate as well as give them a try hard advice for more. But a loophole or say lacking comes, may be true for some percentage of population is low Stamina and stressed lifestyle […]