Configuration and Conformation

Configuration is saptical arrangement of atoms present in molecules which is stable in general conditions. There is large difference of energies in these configuration. To interconvert one configuration to another bond fission or bond formations is necessary which is not possible in ordinary conditions. They can be isolated with each other. If different configuration obtained […]

E/Z System of Nomenclature of Geometrical Isomers

Cahn – Ingold – Prelog priority sequence can be usefully applied in giving names to such a structure. The group of highest priority, on both the double bonded carbon atom is first chosen. If the two group of highest priority are on the opposite side of the double bond. The alphabet E (from the German […]

What is Aromaticity

Although benzene molecule is unsaturated yet it does not give the test for unsaturation, it behaves as stable molecule and gives electrophilic substitution reaction. This property of benzene is known as aromaticity. Organic compounds which have similar chemical behaviour as benzene show aromatic property. Some important properties of the these compounds are shown below: (i) […]

Description about Resonance

When a single structural formula of a compound could not satisfactorily explain all the properties of the molecule then two or more hypothetical structure (arrived by redistribution of valence electrons) may be drawn and each of which separately accounts mass of its properties. These structures are called resonating structures or canonical structures. The resonance hybrid […]