Communication and essentials of effective Communication

Communication is the sum of all things that one person does, when he wants to create understanding in the mind of others. It is a transfer of facts, thoughts, emotions and information between two or more than two people. It can be said as an exchange which is successfully only in the case of mutual […]

Financial System for Economic Development

Financial System is a broader term which brings under its fold the financial markets and the financial institutions which support the system. The responsibility of the financial system is to mobilize the savings in the form of money and monetary assets and invest them to productive ventures. An efficient functioning of financial system facilitates free […]

Material Control and its Advantages

Material Control can be defined as making available, at the minimum cost, the required quantity of quality material in a timely manner at the right place. In order to have an ideal system of material control, a higher level of coordination between purchase department, stores department and production department is very important. There are various […]

Sleep Paralysis: No Fear Just Wake Up

Have you ever woken up and felt stuck to your bed, unable to move your limbs? There seemed to be someone in the room, watching you, advancing toward you menacingly, sometimes even drawing the sheets away. You couldn’t breathe! Feels like someone was sitting on your chest! And though you wanted to scream, you couldn’t […]