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The Biyani Shikshan Samiti is formed by young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly qualified persons. It is registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958 having Reg. No. 500/Jaipur/97-98 dated 29th December 1997.

The mission of the Samiti is to keep pace with the futuristic growing civilized world through women empowerment. It intends to develop young women who possess knowledge and confidence to keep pace with the rapid changing world, increasing competition without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence. Our main objective of teacher’s training course is to help future prospective teacher to develop competence to teach subjects of their specialization, on the basis of an adequate theory of learning and a sound knowledge of the subjects. We want to develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and school, life and school, and life and social work.

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Events and Announcements at BGC


Career Mantra Television show by Prof. Sanjay Biyani on Zee News Rajasthan, Channel. Watch

Minute to Minute Schedule of Annual Day Celebration “URJA -2015″ Click Here

Dear Students, BGC Annual Day “Live” on the College Website on 13th February, from 03 – 06 pm. Click Here

10th Annual Function “URJA-2015″

The 10th Annual Function “URJA-2015…Feel the power inside us” was organized successfully By Biyani Group of Colleges. The theme of the function was one world, one family. The event Commenced with the lighting of the lamp along with ganesh vandana and floral welcome of guests. The Chief Guest of the Program was Shri Ashok Parnami […]

Farewell 2015 “FROZEN”

BIYANI GIRLS COLLEGE science department organized a farewell party based on theme FROZEN at UTSAV AUDITORIUM. Seniors were dressed up in theme based (blue and white) SAREES. Juniors organized a cultural program to gratitude their seniors with enthusiasm and energy. Miss Farewell contest was organized and judged by Mrs.Poonam Sharma, Mrs.Pratibha bohra and Ms. Yashu […]

Spectrum 2015

The Most awaited event “Spectrum – 2015”was ushered by Biyani Group of Colleges, Vidhyadhar Nagar (Main Campus) from 19th January, 2015 to 20th January2015. The cultural fest started with lightening of Holy Lamp, Ganesh and Saraswati Vandana. Chairman Mr. Rajeev Biyani and Director Dr. Sanjay Biyani welcomed all invited Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Judges […]

Save Girl Child 2015

The Most prestigious and renowned campaign “Save Girl Child” ushered by Women and child health department at Biyani Group of Colleges, Vidhyadhar Nagar (Main Campus) on 17th January, 2015. The Campaign’s inaugural started with lightening of Holy Lamp and performance of Ganesh and Saraswati Vandana. Chairman Mr. Rajeev Biyani and Director Dr. Sanjay Biyani welcomed […]

Workshop on Personality Enhancement “PARIVARTAN-2014″

“Parivartan”-The Personality Enhancement Programme is designed to guide and orient students towards becoming effective and exceptional communicators. The aim is to cultivate and develop winning personalities who are competent enough to succeed in real corporate world.The belief behind this learning methodology is that “Knowing Oneself is half the battle won”. The key element of the […]

fresher’s party (SPARKLES) 2014

BIYANI GIRLS COLLEGE welcomed its new faces by organizing a fresher’s party based on theme SPARKLES at UTSAV AUDITORIUM. Freshers were dressed up in various colors of SAREES. The theme depicted different color full phases of life. Seniors organized a cultural program to welcome their fresher’s with enthusiasm and energy.Miss Fresher contest was organized and […]

Children’s Day Celebration 2014

Children’s Day celebration was ushered by Biyani Girls College on 14.11.2014 in the Vidhyadhar Nagar campus. Around 2000 students with Faculty Members have participated in this event. The celebration started with lightening of holy lamp, Ganesh Pooja and Sarswati Vandana.Our Chairman Mr. Rajeev Biyani enlightened the lamp and shared beautiful few words with us. He […]

Blood Donation Camp (Nov., 2014)

On 8th November, 2014 Nursing department organized a blood donation camp. The programme started at 10.00 am with Lamp Lighting Ceremony followed by Saraswati Vandana. The welcome speech was delivered by our Respected Chairman Shri Rajeev Biyani to encourage participants in this noble drive at Blood donation and heartily appreciated the efforts of Deptt. Of […]

Latest Merger in banking sector Kotak Mahendra takes our ING VYSYA

On 19th November 2014 Kotak Mahendra Bank announced buying ING Vysya Bank which is latest merger in banking sector in India. After this take over, Kotak Mahendra would occupy 4th position in private sector bank in India after ICICI, HDFC & AXIS Bank. This news was announced by Kotak Mahendra & ING Vysya in a […]

Critical Review of Success of Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojna

Government’s financial inclusion mission seems to be a great success in terms of number of accounts opened and persons linked with banks for financial services. Less than 3 months after its launch, financial inclusion mission under PM’s Jan Dhan Yojna completed its target of opening 75 million bank accounts well ahead of its stated deadline […]

“Divorce ” is it the end of life!!!! and its effects

“Divorce” a word which changes the whole life of two souls one day who were tied in knot to spend whole life together. It is not just the end of one relationship; it also ends the dreams of both families. When we say marriages are made in heaven then what happen that they end here […]

Radiation Induced Changes CD20 Surface Levels Determine Therapeutics Response of Anti-CD20 Monoclonal Antibodies

Over the past 30 years, anti-CD20 mAbs induced depletion of Burkitt’s lymphoma still remains incurable due to low levels of CD20 surface expression. Therefore selectively control CD20 expression may beneficial to improve therapeutic response of anti-CD20 mAbs. The CD20 is transmembrane glycoproteins which are exclusively expressed on transformed B cells. During present investigation the sensitivity […]

Molecular Cloning of Suncus Gastrointestinal Hormone Gene

Glucagon is a hormone that is produced by alpha cells in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas which raises blood glucose levels. The effects of glucagon are the opposite of the effects induced by insulin. The two hormones work as feedback mechanism to balance the blood glucose levels. In the present study, to sequence […]

A Review on Analysis & Design of Image Processing in Traffic Control System

Automatic traffic monitoring and surveillance are important for road usage and congestion control. For Intelligent Transportation systems (ITS), various sensors have been employed to estimate traffic parameters for updating traffic information. Magnetic loop detectors have been the most used technologies, but their installation and maintenance are inconvenient and might become incompatible with future ITS infrastructure. […]

Educational data Classification using KNN Bayes for Quota categorization

INTRODUCTION With the explosive growth of the Student information from year to year, proper classification of such enormous amount of information into our needs is a critical step towards the education success. However, it is time-consuming and labor intensive for a human to read over and correctly categorize a student data manually and Find Meaningful […]

A Review on Analysis of Fast Generation of Digital Holograms

A Holographic display is based on the phenomenon of diffraction. The display element contains the phase modulating element which when accompanied with coherent light source the image is formed. The projection techniques involved the usage of polarizer to control the optical wavefront. This study was conducted by Edward Buckley [2]. The techniques enclosed covered the […]


I am really impressed by the young girl students, their energy level and enthusiasm. There is lots of positive energy and vibration in Biyani College.

Shahid Kapoor
Film Actor

I am so so so happy… because I could meet such charming girls. It is an important memory for me. The campus is so beautiful.

Sonakshi Shinha
Film Actress

Excellent interaction with students and the college is going in the right direction of exposing students to the industry.

K Raghvendra
Infosys BPO

Institution in serving a great cause, improving the daughters of Rajasthan and all our India.

Sangeeta Juneja
Woman Entrepreneurship

Biyani Girls College is making a tremendous effort in bringing industry and world technologists on a platform accessible to students, to answer in simple words.

Ms. Rekha Rathore
Add. Chief Judicial Magistrate-2012


Our Guardian

Kirit Bhaiji known as Acharya Brahmarushi Param Pujya Shri Kirit Bhaiji is a popular Hindu orator who has spoken on over 150 Hindu topics ranging from the traditional Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Bhagvad Gita, to the precise incantations of Shri Suktam and Rudrashtakam. Bhaiji, also known as Rushivar has held 9-day long sermons or Kathaas in India, England, Kenya, United States, Australia, New Zealand and many more nations. As well as having innumerable Shrotas (listeners), Bhaiji is the Guru, or preceptor of over 150,000 Shishyas (followers).

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