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The Biyani Shikshan Samiti is formed by young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly qualified persons. It is registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958 having Reg. No. 500/Jaipur/97-98 dated 29th December 1997.

The mission of the Samiti is to keep pace with the futuristic growing civilized world through women empowerment. It intends to develop young women who possess knowledge and confidence to keep pace with the rapid changing world, increasing competition without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence. Our main objective of teacher’s training course is to help future prospective teacher to develop competence to teach subjects of their specialization, on the basis of an adequate theory of learning and a sound knowledge of the subjects. We want to develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and school, life and school, and life and social work.


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Events and Announcements at BGC

Academic Alliance between Biyani Group of Colleges and JAIST- JAPAN.

Result M.Sc. IT Third Sem Batch 2013. Click Here

Star of the Year 2015-16 CLICK HERE

NAAC ‘A’ Grade Accreditation Certificate. CLICK HERE

Biyani Girls College is Permanently Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan on Date :- 09/06/2015 Click Here

Biyani Law College Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan Click Here

World Health Day Awareness Rally

World Health Day Awareness Rally from Biyani College Campus to manipal Hospital by Students and Staff members of Biyani Group of Colleges Jaipur.

Japanese Ambassador’s Visit

Japanese Ambassador H. E. Kenji Hiramatsu, Mrs Kenji Hiramatsu along with Mr. Yasujiro Miyake (Ist Secretary, Economic Section) and Mr. Daisuke Kodama visited Biyani Group of Colleges, VDN Campus Jaipur on 5 April 2016. The purpose of the visit was to have a healthy interactive session with the students and Faculty of BGC, who have been active members of Indo-Japan Exchange programme.
The Honorable Ambassador interacted with the students and faculty and was very pleased with the feedback provided by the students regarding their Japan visit.
Also, through online video conferencing the Ambassador also interacted with the Research & Development Director Prof. Manish Biyani & the students from Biyani who are pursuing research in Japan.
The visit Finally concluded with an interactive Lunch during which all the students & dignitaries shared their experiences both in India & Japan.

Annual Function 2016

Our Annual Function “URJA ke SABRANG” was Organized on 28th Feb 2016 the occassion was graced by Shri Raghvendra Singh Rathore, Vice Chairman(NGT) as the Chief Guest. Annual report was presented on this occassion and the audience were mesmerized by beautiful dance performances by our talented students.

SABRANG 2016 Biyani College Fest

Biyani Girls College Jaipur Organized SABRANG 2016 Inter College Fest. Inter College cultural fest “SABRANG” was organized on 17th & 18th Feb 2016. Around 43 colleges were invited and we recieved overwhelming response from all. It was a two day fun filled affair with lots of activities like Dance, Singing,, Debate, Quiz, Poster making, Rangoli, […]

Blood Donation Camp Feb 2016

Blood Donation Camp Organized on  27 Feb 2016

Free Health Check Up Camp

On 13 Feb 2016 Biyani Nursing Colleges has organized free Health Check up Camp for all the Students and Faculty members of all the Departments. Dr. Sunita Choudhary MS(Gynecology) and other staff members from Dana Shivam heart & Super speciality Hospital has done the different health check ups including Sugar, BP check and also done […]

Swachtaaa Abhiyan in Biyani Girls College (02-Oct-2015)

बियानी गल्र्स काॅलेज की ओर से विषेष स्वच्छता अभियान जयपुर, 2 अक्टूबर। विद्याधर नगर स्थित बियानी गल्र्स काॅलेज और जयपुर नगर निगम के संयुक्त तत्वाधान में गांधी जयंती के अवसर पर स्वच्छता अभियान का आयोजन किया गया। अभियान की षुरूआत काॅलेज के चैयरमैन राजीव बियानी और डायरेक्टर डाॅ. संजय बियानी ने गांधीजी की प्रतिमा पर […]


The fourth day of biyani international conference -2015 was of commerce and management on the theme “make in India effort and their impact on management of business” In the inaugural function, our chief guest was Mr. Mohal Lal Gupta MLA from kishanpole Jaipur and our guest of honor was Mr. P. C. Trivedi Gorakhpur lightened […]

What is Germination

Germination is the development of a plant contained inside a seed; it results in the arrangement of the seedling, it is additionally the procedure of reactivation of metabolic hardware of the seed bringing about the rise of radicle and plumule. The seed of a vascular plant is a little bundle delivered in an organic product […]

Define Meniere’s disease & its etiology, clinical features & management.

Definition:- It is caused by dilation or swelling of endolymphatic sac, affecting the drainage of endolymph or other tissue in vestibular system of inner ear. An abnormal inner ear fluid balance . Etiology:- There are many etiological factors that cause of this disease • Idiopathic • Any type of allergy • Any head injury • […]

Discuss about culture media

Definition ; it is an synthesis method to grow the bacteria from infect material like blood sputum ROUTINE LABORATORY MEDIA (1) Basal media, (2) Enriched media, (3) Selective media, (4) Indicator media, (5) Transport media, (6) Storage media. 1. BASAL MEDIA Basal media are those that may be used for growth of bacteria that do […]

What is hydrocephalus

Definition • It is a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. This causes improved intracranial pressure inside the skull and may cause progressive enlargement of the head if it occurs in childhood, potentially causing convulsion, and mental disability. It was once easily called “Water on the […]

Discussion about sterilization

A widely used method for heat sterilization sometimes called a steam sterilizer. Autoclaves use steam heated to 121-134 °C under pressure. To achieve sterility, the article is heated in a chamber by inject steam until the article reaches a time and temperature set point. The article is then held at that set point for a […]

Diabetes Mellitus, Definition, Types, Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment & Management

DESCRIPTION:- DEFINITION: – It is a metabolic disorder characterized by disturbed metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and proteins due to deficiency of insulin is known as diabetes mellitus. TYPES:- It is mainly two types:- 1. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus 2. Non insulin diabetes mellitus 1) INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETE MELLITUS (JUVENILE DIABETES MELLITUS):- In type 1st diabetes […]

Describe about Research Methodology

All human being possess the very distinct & vital instinct of “Inquisitiveness”. Whenever we are confronted with something unknown our this inquisitiveness pushes us to probe and attain understanding of the unknown & unexplored. In common paralance research refers to a search for knowledge. We can also define research as a systematic & scientific search […]

I am really impressed by the young girl students, their energy level and enthusiasm. There is lots of positive energy and vibration in Biyani College.

Shahid Kapoor Film Actor

I am so so so happy… because I could meet such charming girls. It is an important memory for me. The campus is so beautiful.

Sonakshi Shinha Film Actress

Excellent interaction with students and the college is going in the right direction of exposing students to the industry.

K Raghvendra Infosys BPO

Institution in serving a great cause, improving the daughters of Rajasthan and all our India.

Sangeeta Juneja Woman Entrepreneurship

Biyani Girls College is making a tremendous effort in bringing industry and world technologists on a platform accessible to students, to answer in simple words.

Ms. Rekha Rathore Add. Chief Judicial Magistrate-2012

Our Guardian

Kirit Bhaiji known as Acharya Brahmarushi Param Pujya Shri Kirit Bhaiji is a popular Hindu orator who has spoken on over 150 Hindu topics ranging from the traditional Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Bhagvad Gita, to the precise incantations of Shri Suktam and Rudrashtakam. Bhaiji, also known as Rushivar has held 9-day long sermons or Kathaas in India, England, Kenya, United States, Australia, New Zealand and many more nations. As well as having innumerable Shrotas (listeners), Bhaiji is the Guru, or preceptor of over 150,000 Shishyas (followers).

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