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The Biyani Shikshan Samiti is formed by young, dynamic and result oriented team of highly qualified persons. It is registered under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958 having Reg. No. 500/Jaipur/97-98 dated 29th December 1997.

The mission of the Samiti is to keep pace with the futuristic growing civilized world through women empowerment. It intends to develop young women who possess knowledge and confidence to keep pace with the rapid changing world, increasing competition without losing traces of our traditions, humanity, spirituality and purpose of existence. Our main objective of teacher’s training course is to help future prospective teacher to develop competence to teach subjects of their specialization, on the basis of an adequate theory of learning and a sound knowledge of the subjects. We want to develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and school, life and school, and life and social work.


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Events and Announcements at BGC


S.No. Notice Issued by Date Particulars
 5 Principal BGC  1-Dec-2016  Semester Exams Notice
 4  Director Research  2-Nov-2016  Research Project Competition
 3  Director Academics  21-Oct-2016  India-Japan Student Exchange program JENESYS 2016
 2  HR Manager  24-Sept-2016  Regarding Blood Donation Camp in College
 1  Dean (Academic)  08-July-2016  Regarding Supplementary Examination


Academic Alliance between Biyani Group of Colleges and JAIST- JAPAN.

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NAAC ‘A’ Grade Accreditation Certificate. CLICK HERE

Biyani Girls College is Permanently Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan on Date :- 09/06/2015 Click Here

Biyani Law College Affiliated to the University of Rajasthan Click Here


Diwali Celebration Meet at Biyani College Jaipur.

Diwali Celebration Meet at Biyani College Jaipur. visit

Picnic for Biyani College Staff in Pushkar.

Picnic for Biyani College Staff in Pushkar.

Blood Donation Camp by Rotary club in Biyani College Jaipur

Blood Donation camp organized by Rotary club in biyani campus. The chief guest was Chairman of PNB Bank Smt. Kiran Poddar. All the Biyani students and staff members including students of Pinkcity college had participated. Around 195 units blood collected.

Bollywood Star Abhishek Bachchan visited Biyani Group of Colleges Jaipur

Bollywood Star Abhishek Bachchan visited Biyani Group of Colleges Jaipur

Kalpana Chawla Awards 2016

Kalpana Chawla Awards 2016 – Organized by Biyani Group of Colleges Jaipur Click here for Photo Album  


Biyani group of Colleges is a great organization. It’s filled with awesome people who are right now busy hosting BICON, an international conference, which is a big event for all of us. We are not only organizing the conference, arranging meetups but also creating memorable experiences. It’s fantastic to see. It is said nothing compares […]

Child Prodigies

World’s Youngest Marathon Runner Budhia Singh, world’s youngest marathon runner was born in a poverty-stricken family in Orissa, and was sold off to a peddler by his mother for Rs. 800. He was rescued by Biranch Das, a Judo coach, who took him under his wings and started training him to be an Olympic marathon […]

Career in the field of Biotechnology in India

Biotechnology as a subject has become quickly and to the extent work is concerned it has gotten to be one of the quickly developing areas. Livelihood record demonstrates that biotechnology has an incredible breadth in future. Biotechnologists can discover vocations with pharmaceutical organizations, concoction, horticultural and unified organizations. They can be utilized in the regions […]

Biodegradation : naturally catalyzed change of a natural compound’s structure

Nonetheless, this alteration can be through various metabolic pathways and does not as a matter of course mean a decrease in harmfulness. Mineralization, one sort of biodegradation, is characterized as the change of a natural substance to its inorganic constituents, rendering the first compound safe. Change is characterized as any metabolically-affected change in the substance […]

Global warming: leading to drastic environmental changes

Rise in Temperature: Since 1880, the global temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the most obvious effect of global warming, as it shows the warming of the earth’s atmosphere. There are a number of negative effects associated with this rise in global temperatures. This is the main impact of global warming, which […]

Maslow’s Need-Hierarchy Theory

  Abraham Maslow was a famous behaviouralist and psychologist in administrative thought. He propounded the theory of motivation that is known as ‘NEED – HIERARCHY’ theory among various motivational theories. It is also known as ‘SATISFACTION-NEEDS’ theory. Maslow has classified needs into following five categories namely:- 1. Physiological needs 2. Safety needs 3. Social needs […]

Coordination Compounds

Effective Atomic Number (EAN) Rule- Professor N.V. Sidgwick of Oxford University applied the electronic theory of valence proposed by Lewis in 1916 to Werner’s complexes. Lewis had proposed that a covalent bond is formed due to sharing of a pair of electrons between two atoms ,, each atom usually contributing one electron . Sidgwick observed […]

I am really impressed by the young girl students, their energy level and enthusiasm. There is lots of positive energy and vibration in Biyani College.

Shahid Kapoor Film Actor

I am so so so happy… because I could meet such charming girls. It is an important memory for me. The campus is so beautiful.

Sonakshi Shinha Film Actress

Excellent interaction with students and the college is going in the right direction of exposing students to the industry.

K Raghvendra Infosys BPO

Institution in serving a great cause, improving the daughters of Rajasthan and all our India.

Sangeeta Juneja Woman Entrepreneurship

Biyani Girls College is making a tremendous effort in bringing industry and world technologists on a platform accessible to students, to answer in simple words.

Ms. Rekha Rathore Add. Chief Judicial Magistrate-2012

Our Guardian

Kirit Bhaiji known as Acharya Brahmarushi Param Pujya Shri Kirit Bhaiji is a popular Hindu orator who has spoken on over 150 Hindu topics ranging from the traditional Ramayan, Mahabharat, and Bhagvad Gita, to the precise incantations of Shri Suktam and Rudrashtakam. Bhaiji, also known as Rushivar has held 9-day long sermons or Kathaas in India, England, Kenya, United States, Australia, New Zealand and many more nations. As well as having innumerable Shrotas (listeners), Bhaiji is the Guru, or preceptor of over 150,000 Shishyas (followers).

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PC Star of the Month October 2016 Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi
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neha Star of the Month October 2016 Ms. Neha Bansal
sunil Star of the Month October 2016 Dr. Sunil Sharma
dinesh Star of the Month October 2016 Mr. Dinesh Prajapat

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