let me tell you how i am going to welcome the coming year. Like Christians decorate their house before Christmas and we try to do cleaning before Dashera or Diwali we can try to decorate our house (our life) as if there is a marriage in our house in two weeks.

On the first day start painting the house (life) with a shade of happiness. Let us choose happiness as the colour (perfume). Happiness is an attitude. This comes when you can focus on what you have, not on what you desire.

On the second day I felt the same color on all the walls will not look so beautiful. So let’s use another shade on the front wall. Choose a shade of satisfaction. Satisfaction and happiness go hand to hand. Satisfaction comes with the power of acceptance. It does not mean you will not have a higher ambition. It means to accept the present moment. situation, events, people as they are. For example if I am getting failing marks or not so high percentage in spite of my hard labor then first I shall accept my failure and now I shall focus on how to improve my performance in coming exam.

Satisfaction means after accepting the present moment as it is, how I shall work with positive thought. I can think “may be next time also i am going to fail”. With this negative thought, that is, if we work with depleted energy it cannot bring a good result. but if I can think, “this time I am going to work harder and the questions I am preparing for will be the questions asked in the exam, and I shall produce the correct answer. Do also visualize a good report card and repeat in your mind “THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU for the best result in my exam or better write down these in big letters and keep it in front of your study table. This thought will inspire you to study with happiness..You will see miracles will happen. This very thought will motivate you and tell you “STUDY, study, learn your lessons well otherwise how can you get the best result? And you will be able to study with happiness that is with positive energy. Of course it will give you satisfaction while working and it will not create tensions, worries and stress. You will be empowered with good energy once you can accept the present situation and then try to improve that.

Third day start decorating the house with garlands. So you are provided with two baskets full of flowers. In one basket there are very beautiful scented flowers called Love, Care, sweetness, peace, happiness, joy, appreciation etc. In other baskets some cheap and not so fresh flowers are kept which are named as Jealousy, anger, revenge, criticism, hatred, guilt etc. Now which basket will you choose?. It’s so surprising that every one of you like the first basket though it will cost you more.

Once I staged a scene of Ramayana where I experienced that no one was ready to take the role of Ravana and everybody wanted to be Ram. But in real life how often you take on the role of Ravana and try to torture many Sitas and Rams? Why is it so?.When this question is put to you will easily blame the other person. But my question is how long you will act like a puppet and play the role of villain – why can’t you choose the role of a hero or heroine?.

Once the whole (life) house is painted with colors of satisfaction and happiness,and beautifully decorated with sparkling lights and garlands. let us now be ready to welcome our guests (good fortune, health, wealth, career, job, relations and all those who will join in our happy mood) and play good music (sangeet) and dance with joy .That is be in a mood (love and be loved). It’s a time to celebrate.

When we go on doing the same thing every day at least for 7/15 days then it becomes our habits which form our sanskars. It’s better to take our new years’ resolution now and practice these for two weeks so that we can keep our resolutions and not forget them just after 2-3 days.

Can we now make resolutions? You better write down them and try to follow them every day and stick to them. Do some simple resolutions like –

1.From today I shall not hurt my parents.
2.I shall try to give myself a self hug and say “THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the way God has made me.I am one of His beautiful creations.
3.I shall give a hug to poor kids and make them feel that they are not alone.
4.I shall make people around me happy.
5.I shall spread joy and peace in my surroundings.
6.I shall respect my elders.
7.I shall not blame anyone for any reason.
8 I shall take the responsibility of every situation.
9.I shall accept people, situation and events as they are.
10.I shall start giving whatever I can either materialistic (money, clothes, food etc..) or spiritual wealth (love, joy, happiness, peace etc..).This will be included in my daily routine.
11.I shall do service and help others to solve their problems. In whatever way, by all means I shall give blessings and earn blessings.
But I should always understand that I cannot do anything good unless I think good and until God helps me to be good. Let me surrender and pray “GOD LET ME BE GOOD AND DO GOOD LIKE YOU”.
12.I shall forgive all those who have created pain in my life and forget the past..
13.I shall appreciate and stop criticism.
14.I shall give unconditional love.
15.i shall try to pray for all, specially for them from whom I cannot get proper response.
New year is the time to start life fresh..Let’s move towards perfection and prove ourselves –a better person in next moment. More we give more we receive. Each one of you can make this world a better place of living. We together can make this earth a heaven. Think God has not send me here hapazardly.There must be a reason behind this.
Before I conclude I want to remind you two very important things
Firstly-Don’t blame anyone for disappointing you but blame yourself for expecting too much.
Secondly-when you look for the good in others you discover the best in yourself. Remember a satisfied life is better than a successful life because our success is measured by others but our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind and heart.
Let me wish you and your family -Happy and prosperous New Year in advance .Thank you Very much.


Author: Pritha Ghosh