For every cause, there is an effect, and for every effect, there is/are specific cause/causes. There are no accidents .What you sow ,so shall you reap.
Every thought seed sown into the mind will blossom into an act ..Good thought bear good fruit .Bad thought bear bad fruit.
The circumstances which a man encounters are direct result of his thoughts and actions. Sufferings are not the tyranny of fate or circumstances, but are created by the pathways of gravelling thoughts and base desires .The circumstances , which a man encounters, with sufferings or blessedness are a result of his own mental in-harmony or harmony.
We can try to do work with good thought .Intention behind the thought is very important .Don’t waste time in unnecessary useless work. Try to use the time in a best possible manner.
Do such work by which you can earn blessings. Do good and be good .Above all think good .Pray, pray for reason or pray without reason .Take time to meditate .By this we can expect good fruits of Karma.
Watch your thoughts , they become your words,
Watch your words ,they become your actions ,
Watch your actions , they become your habits,
Watch your habits, they become your character,
Watch your character,they beome your destiny.

Author: Pritha Ghosh