Technical Writing

Technical writing is technical communication used in technical and occupational fields. Technical writing and drafting used such as computer hardware and software, engineering, medical, chemistry, robotics, finance, consumer electronics, and forestry. It results in relevant, useful and accurate information to specifically targeted audiences.

Process of Technical Writing

writing process composed of three main stages:

  1. Pre-writing:  Before beginning to write we should invest some time planning. What do you want to write and how to transmit the information In order to do this, you should consider
    • Audience and purpose
    • Style and tone
    • Gathering of information
    • Outlining
  1. Writing: This is important part of writing. If you have gather and organize the information, you can begin writing. You consider the main parts of the text, paragraph development.
  1. Post-writing: post writing is final stage of the writing process.
    • Revising content and organization
    • Checking for grammar
    • Editing for style
    • Peer review and proofreading

Analyzing your audience:-  Before you write a document you need to know your audience and there needs. Here are some basic ideas and answering for the following questions:

    • Who is going to read the document:- Here you should analyze the audience’s characteristics such as educational and cultural background, position within the company and English competence.
    • You should take into account whether the text is addressed to a single person or a large group and consider the possibility that a secondary audience might also read your document.

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