Concept of Sustainable Development – An Indian Perspective

Abstract: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”- Mahatma Gandhi The sustainable development is now deeply embedded   in both National and International scenario, it is a big Global problem; therefor India has also keen concern on the protection of environment, development and sustainable development. […]

Concept of Sustainable Development – An Indian Perspective2020-01-04T10:01:04+05:30

Nature and Forest Conservation Program

Natural resources include land, water mineral resources, forest, marine, resources climate, rainfall and topography. Some of these resources are known to man. Some resources are hidden and to discover hidden resources, man is required to develop techniques of knowing the undiscovered resources. In short when we talk about the natural […]

Nature and Forest Conservation Program2020-02-13T05:54:23+05:30
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