Irrespective of the monetary status, gender, religion, sex, caste, creed, reservation and a million factors that divide the society, social media has emerged as the key circle joining everyone. It has become a platform for bringing together people beyond geographical barriers and has made a worldwide impact on the lives of trillions. However it has an equal share of cons as well.
1. It has given voice to those in need and has made the process of uniting and inviting people very easy.
2. It has enhanced literacy level, even the lower class people now own internet enabled mobiles and use Whatsapp to communicate with their friends and dealers or traders.
3. It swiftly shares your views and thoughts and makes it easier for people to find you and reach you as per their convenience and choice.
4. It has become our society’s hub, a status symbol, a need of the hour, more so as a habit.
5. It has also been used as a platform for registering complaints so that quickly hose complaints can be processed and the person can be helped.
6. Marketing is the major area benefitted from social media. Pages of different organizations have been made on facebook from where the companies can benefit and access customers easily.
7. Website links can be shared for various pages including anything from nook and cranny. Online shopping has become tradition. No one wants to go to shopping searching when it is available at your doorstep.
1. Now-a-days people can be seen roaming with internet enabled phone in their hands at all times, which can sometimes lead to distractions and accidents on stations roads and other public places.
2. Kids these days are engaged in the mobiles so much so that they forget to interact and make real life connections. They have a virtual life and an image to maintain according to which they feel satisfied and forget top work upon their actual weaknesses.
3. Depression and mental diseases these days are at peaks due to false images, movies and the unrealistic expectations of people which are not met in reality.
4. Unnecessarily everyone has been given the power to voice their opinion regardless of it worth. Even some anti-social communal elements create controversies in government and news industry feeds on such news making it useless to watch news on T.V.
5. People have become lazy and have forgotten the importance of smile and making field relations with people in normal places. It is the major reason of ignorance & isolation among neighbours, departmental store owners. No one wants to connect or even talk to people around.
6. It has eventually affected health of people. Most of the people have sedentary lifestyles with luxuries but have to find time to run for health even where they don’t leave their phones away.
7. Some people have found ways for searching women and constantly abuse or harass them. Cyber crimes are not hidden these days. Every thing is being done for fun these days. Respect has its respect!

Author: Heena Kewalramani