India is the first country where Democracy was introduced. The simplest meaning of democracy that I have studied during my schooling is, “for the people, by the people, to the people”. What I have understood from this definition that ultimately it is for the enrichment of each and every citizen of the country. But, is this really happening with the reservation quota that the government is providing to some specific people. I am unable to understand the difference between the circumstances that we had before the reservation and the situation that we are facing today with the reservation. I understand completely why we bring the quota into existence and for what purpose but are we still following that basis of it? Are we? Just yesterday I was thinking about it while looking at the news about the REET exam. My uncle was shouting loudly from inside the room, “General Category won’t be able to succeed in it as much as others are doing.” And I got frightened from his loud voice as I was in a deep thought thinking about the same matter which he expresses loudly. Initially when I was a teenager, I used to think about revising its aspects but now I have a completely different question, “Why do we have it now? Do we still need it?” Why?

Blog By:-
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani Group of Colleges