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We have a well qualified and vibrant team of professionals for our training program, which makes the students “Employable Aspirants”. Our training cell not only imparts the qualities of being employable to the students but also gives them a virtual environment where they can understand about the corporate culture well before they apply for a job. The Placement team handles all aspects of placements at Biyani Group of Colleges right from contacting companies to managing all logistics of arranging for employability tests, pre-placement talks and conducting final interviews.

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Department Of Placement & Career Guidance Cell is the Central Sphere of Biyani Group Of Colleges and an intermediate between the corporate world and the university.It provides the budding students guidance in their choice of career by creating access to employers and generating ample opportunities for placements.The main endeavor of Biyani College is to get students placed in reputed multinationals, government jobs, NGO’s and the private sector. We shall facilitate the selection process of all the companies as per their requirement.The scope of work of Placement Cell extends from organizing Resume Workshops to providing internships to students in various organizations during summer breaks and Preparing students for the final placements for the Jobs.

Reputed companies such as Vodafone, Reliance, Infosys, Genpact, First India News, TCS, BMW, IBM ,Cocoon, HDFC along with other companies have visited the college for the Recruitment in the Previous years. Apart from bringing a varied list of Recruiters to the campus , the Placement Cell also organizes talks, study abroad seminars, internship opportunities and workshops for the collective student body. As an added feature skill building workshops such as workshops for Personal Interviews and Group Discussions and Personality Development have been introduced to help make the Placement Cell more like a ‘Career Services’ Unit rather than just for Final Placements.

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  • The aim is to ensure that students have the information and skills necessary for an effective job search.
  • To conduct professional training programmes outside the curricula to provide finer placements.
  • Arranging preparatory programmes such as seminars, group discussions, written tests/interviews (mock), confidence building and personality development sessions, the general awareness courses etc by experts in their respective fields for students to gauge and handle stimulating facets in their prescribed work arena.
  • Those considering careers in various fields are offered career guidance and this is usually based on new and revised information regarding workplace trends.
  • Internships are also offered to those students who are keen on experiencing a slice of workplace life.
  • The Cell also assists the management of the college in generating awareness amongst students about the various opportunities present for them to explore.
  • Individual counselling and group sessions are held to assist in a smoother flow of activity.
  • Acts as a bridge between the industry and the student community through meaningful interaction which is intellectually stimulating and brings awareness to the faculty and the students to prepare according to the changing demands of the industry.
  • Maintains an ongoing marketing and corporate networking programme to place Biyani students in business, government or private organizations and ensures a continuing pipeline of placement opportunities.