A few days earlier I heard about a story in which there is an bureaucate officer who used to have all the facilities and resprect when he was the part of the administrative system. Once he got retired from his position he was no more having all the kind of treatment that he once used to have when he was serving the system. He used to go around in red light car, the co-workers used to salute him when he come to the office.

He has his own flat, driver, cook and guards given by the govt. as per the position he was serving. But the time when he was no longer a part of the system creates such a situation where he is no longer getting the respect that he used to have, it causes a disturbance in him and in his personality.

He has to take appoinment now to meet with the people who are still their serving the system, did not get retire from their postion yet. The guardman who used to salute him was not able to recognise him as he was no longer in his red light car, without his formal uniform. As this cause a doubt of worth of living in him. This all happens because he was not able to recognise himelf apart from his work.

He has no idea at this point about his true identity. Later he visits to a Psychiatrist when such circumstances starts creating disturbance in his day to day activities. After sometime with the professional help he was able to adjust with the reality and ready to accept it.

This is the story which I have heard about but I have seen it in reality also. Once a person reach to a higher position where they are getting the respect just because of their position, if you suggest such people something better than their imagination, better than their paln, they take it too much seriously, they start judging you as “who you are? I am on this position how can you say this to me?”

I would like to suggest the people out there one thing, “your position at your workplace is not what you are.” “You will never be the same person to have this position. Change is a part of the universe, nothing remains the same.”

Blog By:-
Ms. Gunjan Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Science
Biyani Group of Colleges