This article is based on the importance of employee’s satisfaction for the enhancement of employees’ performance and productivity. Employees are considered to be one of the most important pillars on which building of organization stands. The concept of employee satisfaction is so important as satisfied employees can do better for organization in the shape of increased performance and productivity. Employees’ satisfaction is a measure to know that how they are motivated with their jobs and working environment. Highly motivated employees are assets for the company and they are more loyal to the company. Employee satisfaction is supremely important in an organization because their productivity depends interchangeably. Satisfied employees are also likely to be more creative and innovative and come up with breakthroughs that allow company to grow and develop accordingly with changing market scenario.

Organizations hold many resources that might be divided in physical and human resources. Utilization of non-human resources is not possible without efforts of the human resource. So, human resource is the asset that enables organizations to reap benefits from other sources. Employee satisfaction is defined as the combination of affective reactions to the differential perceptions of what he/she wants to receive compared with what he/she actually receives (Cranny, Smith and Stone, 1992).
There are various factors that contribute to employee satisfaction, it includes treating employees with respect, time to time performance appraisals, relationship with immediate supervisor, providing employee perks, company activities, positive management within a success framework of goals, feeling safe in the work environment, opportunities to use skills and abilities, compensation and benefit, promotions, training, work tasks factors, relationship with co-workers, relationship with supervisors.

Author: 1. Dr. Mukesh Jain and 2. Ms. JyotiAgrawal