I am so lucky .God is so good to me .Thank you Thank you .Thank you .God loves me .He loves you too .This beautiful scenery is the proof of His love .He created such beautiful flowers, so many types of vegetables just to make you feel how much he cares for all of us. Otherwise He could give you only potato to eat and only rose in your garden.
Sun gives us warmth , moon gives us coolness and peace , river gives us water to drink, trees give us vegetables , fruits, shadows. Nature is always giving us without a thought of return and this nature is a gift of God What other proof you want for His love?
Try to enjoy the gifts of God and live in gratitude .Let happiness be your quality, your attitude.
But remember that your happiness, your bliss, your ecstasy , should not be dependent in any condition without .God has given so many things to enjoy ,so many reasons to be happy. Isn’t it your duty to show your gratitude by being happy and thankful always?
And when you move from aloneness to involvement, into communication, relationship , carry that quality of happiness which was in loneliness—–carry that when living with somebody .You can still be as alone as you were in loneliness.While doing anything , you feel happy,while not doing anything, you feel happy at ease.This at- easeness should become a quality of you—not of inactivity.Carry this quality in activity.
Never get fixed with a situation . Always move to the opposite , and carry the quality of happiness and try to carry the inner feeling of gratitude .

Author: Pritha Ghosh