M.A. (Geography)

OORJA  [PEP + ITT + Specialization in Microsoft Office + One Certificate Programme]

Eligibility           : Minimum of 55% of aggregate marks and 60% marks for candidates from any Universities outside the state of Rajasthan.

Duration             : 2 years

Affiliating Body : University of Rajasthan, Jaipur



Paper-I :    Evolution of Geographic Thought

Paper-II     :      Physical Basis of Geography

Paper-III    :      Principles and Theory of Economic Geography

Paper-IV    :      Any one of the following

(a)  Advance Geography of                                Monsoon Asia

(b)  Geography of Rural                                     Development

(c)  Comparative Geography of the U.S.A. and Russia

(d)  Geography of South Asian Countries(Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka.)

(e)  Advanced Regional Geography of West Europe

(f)   Man and Natural Environment

(g)  Quantitative Techniques                                               in Geography

Practical    :      Laboratory and map work


Paper-V      :     Advanced Geography of India

Paper-VI     :     Any one of the following

(a)  Population Geography

(b) Agriculture Geography (Elements & Applied)

(c)  Industrial Geography

(d)  Transport Geography

(e)  Geography of Settlements

(f)   Advanced Geomorphology

Paper-VII   :      Any one of the following

(a)  Urban Geography

(b)  Geography of Crimes

(b)  Climatology and Oceanography

(c)  Applied Geography

(d)  Pedology

(e)  Medical Geography

(f)  Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Techniques and Geographical Information System

Paper-VIII  :      Any one of the following

(a)  Political Geography

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