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महिला सशक्तिकरण


अभिनन्दन स्त्री को सृजन की शक्ति माना जाता है अर्थात स्त्री से ही मानव जाती का अस्तित्व माना जाता है।इस सृजन कि शक्ति का विकास कर उसे सामाजिक,आर्थिक, विचार,विश्वास, स्वतंत्रता एवं अवसर की समानता का सु-अवसर प्रदान करना ही नारी सशक्तिकरण है। भारत में महिलाओं को सशक्त बनाने के [...]

महिला सशक्तिकरण2021-09-20T10:00:27+00:00

हिंदी हमारी पहचान , हमारा गर्व


हिन्दी सरल है ,अविरल है ये है हमारी मातृ भाषा पर ना समझती खुद को एक मात्र भाषा। हिन्दी ठोस है तरल है ये है जीवन की आशा इसी ने गढा अलंकारों का सांचा। इसने सिखाया छोटों से स्नेह बड़ों का आदर इसने ओढाई रिश्तों को स्नेह की चादर। [...]

हिंदी हमारी पहचान , हमारा गर्व2021-09-20T04:56:55+00:00



आध्यात्म,साहसिक यात्राओं के रोमांच और प्राकृतिक सौन्दर्य, इन तीनों का अनुभव अगर आप करना चाहते है तो भारत में हिमालय से बेहतरीन स्थान दूसरा नही हो सकता| तकरीबन 2400 किलोमीटर में फैले हुए हिमालय के साथ चीन,नेपाल जैसे देशों के साथ तिब्बत की भी सीमा लगती है और लगभग [...]


All About LTC Cash Voucher Scheme


Leave Travel Concession, is a type of salary component that allows to employees to receive concessions while traveling with their family. In this COVID-19 pandemic, most government employees are not in the condition to avail LTC for traveling. Keeping that in mind, the Finance Ministry announced the Leave Travel [...]

All About LTC Cash Voucher Scheme2021-09-17T10:53:49+00:00

Copy design


Copy written, in distinction to images components of layout, in contents such magazines, advertising, . In advertising net promoting is quite similar fields, copy known the output of copywriters, UN agency measure utilized to put in writing that encourages customers to merchandise services. In Copywriting for advertisement for a [...]

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“The object of Art is to give amazing shapes” If it's fabric, it must be Mood Fabrics. Fabric has been a defining feature, allowing artists to convey movement, energy and character. RUFFLES Ruffles are real, modern & so romantic and are no longer just a super fancy princess thing. [...]

THE SHAPES OF FABRIC2021-09-17T09:30:15+00:00



The father of nation mahatma Gandhi said: “it is not enough to say that hand spinning is one of the industries to be revived. It is necessary to insist that it is the central industry that must engage our attention if we are to re-establish the village home” Khadi, which [...]


Prarthana: A Way To Communicate God


In Sanskrit, the word prarthana means a prayer and “Pra” means to wish or request. The process of communication with Almighty, the God. We all communicate with the god when we are depressed, happy, anxious, stressed what so ever the situation may be. It is a deep hearted way to [...]

Prarthana: A Way To Communicate God2021-09-17T09:35:36+00:00



I know who I Am I found my peace within I don’t define myself In the confines of my skin I don’t let my worth be judged By the limits of your mind I don’t compare myself to anyone, For my truth only I can find I don’t hold on [...]

BE YOUR OWN WINGS2021-09-17T07:10:30+00:00

Sustainable Fabric


Sustainable fabrics are often made from natural or recycled materials, aiming to reduce harm either through the production process, fiber properties, or overall environmental impact. These fabrics can also contribute to waste reduction, water conservation, lowered emissions, and soil regeneration “Fast fashion can never be Sustainable or ethical “ [...]

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