Biyani Philosophy

Our Vision

TO be a global institution committed to its passion for innovation and knowledge-sharing through multidisciplinary to interdisciplinary research & development.

Our Mission

To empower youth by imparting quality education emphasizing human & development creative professional leaders with positive attitude.

Quality Policy

To provide quality education through faculty development, update of facilities and continuous improvement meeting university norms and keeping stake holders satisfied.

Biyani Gaan

To show our gratitude and faith in Maa Saraswati, we, at Biyani dedicate our efforts in the form of Biyani Gaan, which has become part and parcel of our day-to-day life. It reminds us of our objectives and also the responsibilities towards society and humanity.

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Student Oath

I, the student of Biyani Group of Colleges, solemnly pledge with full determination and conviction that:

  • I will focus on acquiring knowledge and skills.
  • I will abide by the disciplinary rules and adhere to the principles of truth and integrity.
  • I will love my peers and pay respect and show gratitude towards my teachers, parents & mentors.
  • I will strive hard to fulfill the aspirations of my parents.
  • I will blend modernity with traditional values to become a successful and devoted citizen, student and individual.
  • I will live each day by honoring my parents & my teachers practicing to the best of my ability and by having courtesy and respect to everyone I meet.
  • I will update myself with the technological advancements to meet the Industrial demands.
  • I feel proud to be a Biyanite.